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Lin Yun felt her heart rise and fall with Wang Qis question.

When Lu Chens gaze landed on Lin Yun, she could clearly feel that he had something to say to her.


However, Lin Yun only ate in silence, not wanting to participate in their conversation.

After finally filling her stomach with all the food, Lin Yun touched Wang Qis arm and looked at Lu Chen.

“CEO Lu, we have something else to do, so well leave first.”

Lu Chen nodded and gestured for Ning Kun to lead the way for Lin Yun and Wang Qi.

When Lin Yun walked past Lu Chen, Lu Chen suddenly said, “Miss Lin, if you have time, I hope we can find a chance to talk.”

Lin Yun only wanted to leave quickly, so she said, “Okay! If you have time!”

Lu Chen nodded and said, “Ill contact Miss Lin.

Take care!”

Lin Yun pulled Wang Qi out.

Lin Yun finally heaved a sigh of relief when she reached the road.

Wang Qi sized up Lin Yun strangely.

“Do you have a feud with CEO Lu”

“Huh” Lin Yun looked at Wang Qi in confusion.

“What did you say”

“Look at you.

You look like youve seen your enemy!” Wang Qi frowned and sniffed slightly.

“No, its not an enemy.

Its more like seeing the King of Hell!”

Lin Yun sighed deeply and took two steps forward.

She held Wang Qis arm and said, “Its a long story.

Lets talk as we walk…”


… .

In Fu Hengs office, Wu You sat on the sofa, looking indifferent.

Ning Hao stood in front of Fu Hengs desk with a tablet and carefully flipped through the information.

After a while, Cai Jie knocked on the door and walked into the office.

“CEO Fu, Master Qiong said that hes very busy and doesnt have time to deal with such a small matter.”

Fu Heng jumped up from his chair.

“A small matter He called this a small matter”

After Fu Heng finished speaking, he turned to look at Wu You fiercely.

“You think its a small matter too!”

“Now that the two of you are strutting around like bosses, you want a clown like me to jump around in the middle and solve your problems”

Wu You raised her hand and looked at her exquisite nails carefully.

“When I signed with the company, we agreed that CEO Fu would settle everything!”

Fu Heng secretly gritted his teeth, regretting his actions of having his brain kicked by a donkey.

He had signed Wu You because Wu You was Tan Qings friend.

At that time, Wu You lived alone with a child.

Tan Qing could not bear to see her friend suffer.

She also knew that Wu You had graduated from a vocational school and was very professional.

Hence, Tan Qing looked for Fu Heng, hoping that he could help Wu You.

Although Fu Heng had suspected that Wu You had a son at such a young age, Wu You said that she had been deceived and gave birth to a son.

That damn man had no idea that his son existed.

Fu Heng only knew that Wu You was only 22 or 23 years old, so it was inevitable that she did not know people well.

He signed Wu You without hesitation.

All these years, the father of Wu Yous son had indeed not come looking for him.

In fact, Wu You did not even have a man by her side.

But one day, Wu You suddenly said that he had found an adoptive father for her son and could give him a better life.

After knowing that the person Wu You had found was actually Master Qiong, Fu Heng thought that Wu You had touched Master Qiong with her ability…

At this moment, Fu Heng wished he could twist his head off.

Why did he feel that Wu You was pure and kind!

Finally, Ning Hao put down the tablet and said, “CEO Fu, currently, 43 magazines in the city have done online broadcasts.

There are a total of 20 mainstream media outlets doing video broadcasts… The current number of views is probably more than 50 million.”

“In addition, there are also breakdown reports done by online video accounts.

The number… cant be calculated for the time being.”

Ning Haos words instantly pulled Fu Heng into an icehouse.

He found it difficult to breathe.

Wu You was the most popular artist in Tian Le and was also a up and coming candidate to participate in the new Masked King competition.

If her reputation was ruined because of this matter, the losses she would bring to the company would be countless!

Fu Heng looked at Ning Hao weakly and asked, “What did my third brother say”

“Ive contacted my brother.

He said…” Ning Hao paused for a moment before saying,” CEO Lu is having lunch with Miss Lin and is temporarily unable to deal with this problem.



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