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Fu Heng stared at Ning Hao in disbelief.

Before he could wail, Ning Hao said again, “However, my brother has already arranged for the technicians to follow up.

At the very least, we have to capture the source of the news.”

Fu Heng nodded and said, “Thats right! Even if the matter is irreversible, I have to catch the mastermind!”

“Then how is it now” Fu Heng asked expectantly.

Ning Hao looked down at the tablet in his hand and shook his head.

“We tracked the other partys IP.

Its a fake address.

The technical team is still following up.”

Fu Heng leaned back in his chair, looking half paralyzed.

“Why is the heavens treating me like this!”

Ning Hao looked at Fu Heng and picked up a document on the table.

Fu Heng saw Ning Haos actions and asked listlessly, “What else is there If you want to attack me, come with me!”

Ning Hao finally stopped hesitating.

He carefully handed a set of materials to Fu Heng.

“CEO Fu, the financial teams report this month… Our current net loss is about 300 million.”

Fu Heng rolled his eyes and glared at Ning Hao.

“Sometimes, I really suspect that you were sent by my third brother to torture me!”

Fu Heng did not say anything, but Wu You, who was sitting not far away, burst out laughing.

Fu Heng instantly turned to glare at Wu You.

“How dare you laugh! Its all your fault!”

“Dont you want to be in the entertainment industry anymore”


“Dont you care about your future”

Wu You shrugged indifferently.

“Isnt CEO here to solve all issues”

“You cant possibly ignore Tan Qings best friend!”

Wu You had clearly grasped Fu Hengs feelings for Tan Qing and used this as his trump card.

Fu Heng instantly had the urge to roar at the sky.

He restrained himself for a long time before saying, “Get the Public relations Department and the Economics Department to prepare for a meeting.”

Cai Jie responded and turned to leave the office.

… .

“How do you think we should deal with Wu Yous incident” Fu Heng sat on the main seat.

He no longer looked dejected in the office.

Instead, he looked dignified.

The Director of the Public Relations Department was the first to speak.

“Lets use other incidents to suppress the trending searches and distract the public from this matter.

Soon, those netizens and fans will forget about this.”

Fu Heng looked at the Public Relations Director as if he was looking at an idiot.

The Deputy Director of the Agent Department immediately said, “Do you think the Internet doesnt have memories, or do you think the netizens are stupid”

The Director of the Public Relations Department was not to be outdone.

He glared at the Deputy Director of the Agent Department.

“If it werent for your agent departments mismanagement, would we have to go through such trouble now”

“If theres a problem, solve it.

Why are you pulling other matters into the picture!” The Deputy Director of the Agent Department was not inferior.

The Public Relations Director said again, “Whoever caused trouble will be responsible for resolving it.

This is common sense!”

“Whoever provoked this trouble will have to think of a way themselves!”

After the Public Relations Director finished speaking, the Deputy Director of the Agent Department turned to look at Fu Heng.

Fu Heng was stunned.

So this matter had returned to his side

Fu Heng tried his best to control his anger before saying, “Are you guys pushing the blame on each other now Did the company hire you to see you shirk your responsibility”

The people from the Public Relations Department and the Agent Department instantly fell silent.

The dead silence in the conference room made Fu Hengs anger rise again.

Finally, he slammed the table and stood up.

“Ill give you half a day to deal with this scandal!”

“Wu Yous activities will be temporarily suspended.

Well restart after this matter is resolved!”

“But Wu You still has a new Masked King competition coming up, and there are two endorsements…” Wu Yous manager sat at the side and said softly.

Fu Heng immediately glared at him.

“Do you have a better solution”

Wu Yous manager immediately shrank his neck and replied timidly, “No…”

“Meeting dismissed! I want to see the results!” After Fu Heng finished speaking, he walked out of the conference room.

Everyone in the conference room looked at each other.

He had thought that Wu Yous outstanding performance in the new Masked King this time would garner a lot of attention for the company.

However, he did not expect this outcome!

Fu Heng walked back to the office angrily and saw Wu You, who was still sitting on the sofa.

His anger boiled.

Just as Cai Jie thought that Fu Heng would lose his temper at Wu You, he turned around angrily and rushed out of the office.


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