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Fu Heng drove all the way to Lu Chens apartment.

“Third Brother, help!” Fu Heng started to complain when he saw Lu Chen.

Lu Chen still looked at Fu Heng expressionlessly and listened to him explain everything.

When he mentioned the “trash” in his company, Fu Heng gritted his teeth.

Lu Chen looked at Fu Heng and asked softly, “Have you found out who exposed the news”

Fu Heng said dejectedly, “No! I wonder which god did such a thing!”

Lu Chen nodded and looked at Ning Kun.

“Investigate this.”

Ning Kun nodded and walked to the side to make a call.

After a while, Ning Kun walked back with a hesitant expression.

“Speak!” Lu Chen did not like it when others dawdled.

Ning Kun rarely had such a situation.

Ning Kun organized his words and said, “We tried our best to suppress the news, but someone has been secretly working hard to increase the reach a much faster rate than ours!”

When Fu Heng heard this, he collapsed on the sofa as if he was about to die.

Lu Chen also frowned and asked, “Can you track who it is”

Ning Kun shook his head awkwardly and said, “That person is an expert.”

“He didnt use a fixed IP address, and the network he used is actually…” Ning Kun hesitated for a moment before telling the truth.

“He used the Lu Corporation and Tian Les network system.”


“In other words, if anyone looks deeper, they will discover that this information was spread out from the Lu Corporation and Tian Le!”

“Huh” Fu Heng perked up when he heard that.

He straightened up and looked at Ning Kun, as if he did not understand Ning Kuns words.

Ning Kun looked at Fu Heng seriously and asked, “CEO Fu, are you sure it wasnt your insider”

Fu Heng couldnt help but roll his eyes.

“Do you think they have the ability”

Ning Kun thought for a moment and agreed with Fu Hengs question.

Finally, Lu Chen said again, “Continue to track the person behind this.”

“Go and post the news of the engagement between the Lin and Zheng families and suppress the trending searches first,” Lu Chen said again.

“Whats Master Qiongs attitude” Lu Chen looked at Fu Heng.

“Master Qiong said that he doesnt care.

To an old artiste like him, everyone will treat such things as fake news!”

Lu Chen smiled and said, “Then send the information of his first two children to the Internet.”

“Remember, post the materials of Master Qiong abusing his wife to the extent that she became infertile.”

Fu Heng couldnt help but gape.

This was big news that he had never heard of!

Ning Kun immediately received the order and turned to make a call.

He got someone to spread the materials he had prepared online.

This shocking series of gossip greatly satisfied the netizens curiosity.

Not only that, even Master Qiong, who had been staying out of it, couldnt sit still anymore.

Fu Heng quickly received a call from Master Qiong.

Master Qiong questioned if Fu Heng was behind this.

Fu Heng asked innocently, “Is the news on the Internet true”

Hearing this question, Master Qiong was at a loss.

Wu You was just a new talent.

Compared to Master Qiongs name in the entertainment industry, it was really a small matter.

Of course, Fu Heng still had to take this opportunity to think about whether Wu Yous bomb could be hung on Master Qiong.

After all, this child was indeed his!

With Lu Chens help, the trending topic finally dropped a little.

Lin Yun had done a few things because she hoped that topic of her being “abandoned” by the Lin family would not receive too much attention.

Since everyones attention had been diverted, Lin Yun was temporarily safe.

However, the security of this residence indeed needed to be increased.

After all, other than guarding against the people in the house, the two tall security guards were were not very good at their jobs.

Thinking of this, Lin Yun contacted Feng Hao.

Feng Haos uncle ran a security company.

It was safest to leave this to him.

In just half a day, Lin Yun signed the security contract for the residence.

Two security guards were arranged to Lin Yuns residence and her original security system was updated.

Lin Yun couldnt help but sigh.

The network system of this security company was really good.

She could now go further with her plans!


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