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That night, Lin Cheng smiled and brought a middle-aged man with white hair and a goatee back to the Lin family.

At the dining table, Lin Cheng warmly introduced Lin Yu.

“Xiaoyu, this is the top music master in our country, Teacher Fu!”

Lin Yu stood up obediently and bowed to the middle-aged man in front of her.

“Hello, Teacher Fu.”

Fu Ming nodded in satisfaction and said, “I think Miss Lin is gentle and polite.

Shes a very suitable candidate to groom in the field of the arts.”

Although Fu Mings words were baseless, they were music to the ears of the Lin family.

After a simple greeting, Lin Cheng instructed the servants to serve the dishes.

After the meal, Lin Cheng said, “Teacher Fu, what do you think of Xiaoyus aptitude”

“We all hope that she can win the championship in this competition!”

Fu Ming stroked his goatee and smiled.

“Ive already admired Miss Lin Yus previous competition video.

I think as long as we maintain that level, we can definitely win the championship!”

As soon as Fu Ming said this, the expressions of the Lin family became a little abnormal.

Especially Lin Yu, whose face was ashen.

Lin Cheng coughed dryly and said, “Xiaoyus previous performance in the competition was still alright, but I hope that she can perform better under Teacher Fus guidance.”

Fu Ming nodded and said, “Of course!”

“Ill do my best to teach Miss Lin well.

I guarantee that you can maintain your standard and even perform better!”

Although Fu Mings words were humble, Lin Yu felt very uncomfortable.

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After the meal, Lin Cheng led Fu Ming to the piano room and asked Lin Yu to perform for Fu Ming so that he could understand Lin Yus current level.

Lin Yu was seemingly hesitant.

Fu Ming smiled and said, “Miss Lin isnt good at music”

Lin Yu nodded slightly and said apologetically, “Yes, Im not good at musical instruments.”

Fu Ming nodded in understanding.

“Its alright! Everyone has their own specialties! If youre good at everything, wouldnt you be a genius!”

After Fu Ming finished speaking, he sat in front of the piano and casually played a short segment.

However, after the song ended, Fu Ming couldnt help but frown.

“Miss Lin, who was using this piano previously”

Lin Yu was stunned for a moment.

Just as she didnt know how to answer, Lin Cheng said, “Teacher Fu, whats wrong with this piano”

Fu Ming frowned and knocked a few more times with his hand before saying, “The tone of this piano is perfect, but the pitch…”

“Obviously, no one has adjusted it for a while.”

“Who was originally managing this piano room”

After Fu Ming asked this, the Lin family couldnt help but look at each other.

In the past, Lin Yun had always managed the piano room alone and had never invited any professional personnel to service the instruments.

Therefore, after Lin Yun left, no one took care of the piano room anymore.

Although Ji Rou had come over to use the piano a few times, she only completed her teaching mission and did not ask any questions about the pianos pitch.

However, it was unclear if Ji Rou really did not recognize it, or if she deliberately did not say it.

There was no way to use the piano for a while.

It was obviously unreasonable to let Fu Ming, who had been invited with great difficulty, to tune the piano.

Lin Cheng said apologetically, “I think we should do this today!”

“Ill get someone to fix and tune the piano tomorrow.

The next time Teacher Fu comes, Xiaoyu, you can show him your ability.”

Lin Yu nodded.

There was no sign of guilt on her obedient face.

Fu Ming could only give up and stay for a while before leaving.

After Fu Ming left, Lin Cheng sat down angrily on the sofa.

“Its been so long, havent you noticed the problem with the piano”

Seeing Lin Cheng lose his temper, Wang Lan quickly pulled Lin Yu into her arms.

“Why are you throwing a tantrum at Xiaoyu!”

“Xiaoyu is not good at musical instruments to begin with.

Its not her fault that she wasnt aware of the problem with the piano!”

“Are you only satisfied if Xiaoyu learns how to tune the piano”

Hearing Wang Lans defense, Lin Yu revealed an aggrieved expression.

Although Lin Cheng was furious, he could only sigh heavily.

“Alright! Ill specially hire someone to maintain the piano and other instruments regularly!”

“As for Xiao Yu, you have to learn from Teacher Fu! Dont let my efforts go to waste!”

Lin Yu nodded obediently again, not daring to resist.


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