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Lin Yun looked at Zhuang Chengs name on another itinerary and fell into deep thought.

Zhuang Cheng was Shao Yis “big brother”.

She remembered that in order to stop Shao Yi and Zhuang Cheng from going out to cause trouble, Aunt Xu even locked Shao Yi in a small black room for three days.

In the past three days, Shao Yi didnt eat or drink, making Aunt Xus heart ache.

As for Lin Yuns understanding of Zhuang Cheng, she only learned a little about him through the news on television.

Zhuang Cheng was originally the leader of a gang and was one of the top drug lords in Sea City.

However, because he had never gotten involved in drugs personally, the police could not do anything to him even if they caught all his subordinates.

Lin Yun remembered that in her previous life, she vaguely saw on the news that Zhuang Cheng had been arrested by the undercover police who had infiltrated them.

Unfortunately, not long after the undercover police officer caught Zhuang Cheng, he got into trouble because the information was leaked.

Lin Yun didnt remember the name of the undercover police officer.

She only vaguely remembered that he was about her age.

If Lu Teng and Zhuang Cheng were close, then he must have been involved in the drug business.

It was no wonder that Lu Teng had earned a lot of money for the Lu family recently.

It seemed like it was not a legitimate source of income.

Did Lu Chen not notice anything wrong at all

Also, if Lu Teng and Zhuang Cheng were partners, why would they arrest Zhuang Chengs “little brother”, Shao Yi

Could it be that it was a scam And how would that implicate the police

The more Lin Yun thought about it, the more confused she became.

She decided to investigate Zhuang Cheng.

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After all, the clues on Lu Tengs side were temporarily cut off.

If she wanted to save Shao Yi, she would probably have to think of another way.

Seeing Lin Yuns troubled expression, Wang Qi elbowed her and said, “Do you need my help”

Lin Yun shook her head and said, “Youre going back to Austria the day after tomorrow.

Do you want to go back to the Wang family to take a look”

Wang Qi pursed her lips and said reluctantly, “Ill go back tomorrow.

Grandpa has already called me several times.”

Lin Yuns lips curled into a smile.

Although her “ex-grandfather” did not dote on Lin Yun much, he did not treat her harshly.

However, Old Master Wang was really afraid that his only granddaughter would melt.

In the past, Wang Long had failed several times in a row and lost all the assets that his father had given him.

Wang Long, who could not even afford to raise his wife and daughter, could only bring his family back to the Wang family to seek protection.

Old Master Wang had always been a strict father.

Towards such a disappointing son, he naturally chased him out.

However, Old Master Wang made other arrangements for this precious granddaughter.

Because Wang Lan had a daughter who was a few years younger than Wang Qi, Old Master Wang asked Wang Lan to bring Wang Qi over to raise her.

Because of this, Wang Qi had not interacted much with her parents since she was young.

She resented her parents for not taking care of her.

On the one hand, it was because her disappointing father had squandered all his familys money.

… .

At night, Lin Yun lay in bed alone, tossing and turning as she thought about Zhuang Cheng.

At this moment, her computer suddenly rang.

It was Lunas exclusive ringtone.

Lin Yun turned around and went to the computer.

Clicking on the dialog box, Lin Yun saw Lunas message.

“Dark One, a new mission.

Check on someone called Zhuang Cheng.”

Lin Yun looked at the mission contents in shock and subconsciously looked around to confirm that there were no other monitoring devices.

“Whos the mission issuer” Lin Yun quickly replied.

“Not sure.” This was the first time Luna had answered Lin Yuns message so briefly.

Lin Yun frowned slightly, feeling that something was wrong.

“What about the source of the mission” Lin Yun asked again.

Luna was silent for a long time before saying, “Dark One, let me tell you the truth.

This mission might be risky.”

“Which mission is absolutely safe” Lin Yun was not frightened by Lunas words.

After all, their every mission was inseparable from stealing other peoples privacy.

Once she was caught by the other party, she would definitely be in danger.

“No, its different this time.” Luna seemed very cautious.

“Can you tell me in detail” Lin Yun asked again.

Luna was silent for a long time.

Just as Lin Yun thought that Luna wouldnt answer her, Lunas dialog box flashed again.

“This time, its a multi-party mission.

The mission was not only issued to Wing World but also to the Dragon King and the other organizations!”


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