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Lin Yun looked at the darkened dialog box and finally landed on her reply.

Lin Yun knew that it was very risky.

However, she still wanted to figure out what was going on with Zhuang Cheng.

Especially when the Dragon King was also involved!

The Dragon King was a hacker organization with almost the same strength as the Wing World.

However, unlike Wing World, the Dragon Kings organization was very well-integrated.

Every member knew each other and was a complete system.

For an organization like Wing World where everyone kept their secrets, the Dragon King was more like a regular army.

Lin Yun had once suspected that the Dragon King was actually a hacker organization under the government!

Now that the Dragon King was involved, it seemed that Zhuang Chengs matter was not small!

Lin Yun gritted her teeth.

No matter what, she had to find Zhuang Chengs secret first since she wanted to save Shao Yi!

Lin Yun took out a palm-sized metal box that contained a few small chips.

She took out one of the chips and stuffed it into the receiver.

A complete city map instantly appeared on the computer screen in front of Lin Yun.

This district was the city map of Sea City.

Unlike the city plan, this map was precise to the exact coordinates of every facility in Sea City and also displayed the exact number of every public facility.

Since she already knew that Zhuang Cheng and Lu Teng had come to Sea City together, Lin Yun could find Zhuang Chengs exact location before the others.

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Now, she needed to use the function of this citys “Heavens Eye” to find Zhuang Cheng, who had hidden his whereabouts!

Lin Yun checked the public cameras in the surrounding kilometers according to Zhuang Chengs entry time.

She also turned on all the road cameras between the airport and the Grand Court Hotel.

She checked all the surveillance videos during the possible period, but she still could not find any traces of Zhuang Cheng.

However, Lin Yun had gained something.

She had discovered Lu Tengs secret!

Lin Yun was surprised to find that Lu Tengs stay at the Luxury Hotel was just a cover.

It was no wonder that she could not find any traces of Lu Teng in the internal surveillance video.

It was because not long after Lu Teng entered the hotel, he changed his clothes and left.

Lin Yun was secretly annoyed that she had neglected such a situation these few days!

Since she had found Lu Tengs whereabouts, the problem that Lin Yun was worried about previously was easily resolved.

According to Lu Tengs movements, she drew the places he frequented.

Among them was Lu Chens apartment building! In other words, Lu Teng had always been by Lu Chens side!

Not only that, there were two or three people entering and leaving the apartment with Lu Teng.

And the person who had been using his hat to cover his face to avoid the surveillance cameras was Zhuang Cheng!

Why was Lu Teng lurking beside Lu Chen

What was he plotting

Figuring this out raised Lin Yuns nervousness to the peak.

She picked up her phone and called Lu Chen.

When the phone rang, Lin Yun realized that it was already midnight.

Lin Yun was about to hang up when she heard Lu Chens sleepy voice.

“Miss Lin Its so late.

Whats the matter”

Lin Yun exclaimed.

Unexpectedly, Lu Chen picked up the call after two rings.

Lin Yun thought for a moment before saying, “Mr.

Lu, is it convenient for us to meet tomorrow”

Lu Chen seemed to have woken up a little.

“Alright, Ill arrange for Ning Kun to pick you up.”

“No!” Lin Yun immediately refused.

“Were not going to the apartment.

Can we meet somewhere else”

Lu Chen paused for a moment before saying, “Alright! You decide the time and place!”

Lin Yun took a deep breath and said, “Alright, Ill send the time and place to Assistant Ning later…”

“CEO Lu, rest early.

Good night.” After Lin Yun finished speaking, she hurriedly hung up before Lu Chen could react.

She had never thought she would do such an impolite thing.

However, for some reason, she had a deep resistance to her conversation with Lu Chen and even fear.

She did not know if this feeling came from the scene of Lu Chen dying to save her in her previous life.

But she didnt want it to happen again!

She was afraid that Lu Chen would be hurt because of her again!

Lin Yun held her phone tightly and secretly prayed that Lu Chen could avoid all harm!

He deserved a perfect life!


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