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Lin Yun walked into the cafe and saw Lu Chen sitting in a corner.

It was not that Lu Chen was dazzling, but that other than Lu Chen and Ning Kun, there was no one else in the cafe.

Lin Yun walked up to Lu Chen and greeted him before sitting down.

When the waiter saw Lin Yun enter, he walked over with the menu.

“Miss, what would you like to order”

Lin Yun read three pages of all kinds of coffee, but there was nothing else to choose from.

She smiled at the waiter and said, “Just ice water, please.

Thank you!”

Lu Chen frowned at Lin Yun but did not say anything.

Lin Yun felt Lu Chens gaze and lowered her eyes slightly to adjust her thoughts before looking up at Lu Chen.

“CEO Lu, I came to look for you today to talk about Lu Teng.”

Lu Chen nodded and gestured for Lin Yun to continue.

Lin Yun pushed the photo from the public video of Lu Chens apartment to Lu Chen.

“CEO Lu, Lu Teng is in your apartment now.

He is close to you.”

“I hope you can take my previous suggestion.” Lin Yun said sincerely, really worried about Lu Chens comfort.

Lu Chen frowned as he looked at the photo.

Ning Kun also lowered his head to look.

Indeed, it was Lu Teng, and one of the photos showed the entrance of their apartment.

Ning Kun immediately felt nervous.

“CEO Lu, Ill get someone to investigate immediately.”

Lu Chen did not seem to be angry.

He only nodded.

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Ning Kun dialed a number as he walked out.

Lu Chen looked at the photo and then looked up at Lin Yun.

“Miss Lin, why do you care so much about Lu Teng”

Lin Yun opened her mouth, but she didnt know how to explain everything to Lu Chen!

Lin Yun hesitated for a moment before saying, “I previously said that I accidentally found out from my friend…”

Seeing Lu Chens obvious disbelief, Lin Yun said, “CEO Lu, I have no need to lie to you, let alone harm you…”

“I just want you to be safe…”

Lin Yun couldnt help but voice her hopes.

Just as Lu Chen was about to ask, Lin Yun said, “Maybe its because CEO Lu helped me when I was in danger.”

“Just take it that Im repaying your kindness!” Lin Yun attributed everything to Lu Chen saving her the last time.

Lu Chen smiled and said, “Then I have to thank Miss Lin for saving my life! If I continue to thank you, we will probably be entangled for the rest of our lives!”

Hearing Lu Chens words, Lin Yun felt a trace of fear in her heart.

She looked at Lu Chen and said seriously, “Perhaps CEO Lu feels that my request is a little overboard, but for your safety, I still hope that youll stay away from Sea City for four years!”

Hearing Lin Yuns strange request, Lu Chen said without thinking, “Sorry, this is very difficult!”

Lin Yun sighed secretly.

From the moment she said those words, she already regretted it.

How could she ask Lu Chen to make such a promise

But she only wanted to keep him away from possible danger! After all, in his previous life, Lu Chen died four years later to save her!

The scene fell into an awkward silence.

Lin Yun wanted to leave as soon as possible, but she didnt know how to break the silence.

She took a deep breath and finally said, “CEO Lu…”

“CEO Lu!” Ning Kun walked over quickly from afar.

He lowered his body and whispered into Lu Chens ear, “CEO Lu, Lu Teng did something to the apartment.”

Lin Yun picked up the cup that the waiter had just served and tried her best to be inconspicuous by drinking water.

Ning Kun said something else.

Lin Yun did not listen carefully.

Instead, she held the cup with both hands and took a sip of water.

Although Lu Chen was listening to Ning Kun, his eyes were on Lin Yun.

Finally, Ning Kun finished reporting.

Lu Chen picked up the coffee cup in front of him and took a sip.

“What Miss Lin said is indeed the truth.”

“Thank you for coming over to remind me!”

“Ill let Assistant Ning send you back first! I still have some things to deal with!”

Hearing Lu Chens words, Lin Yun felt as if she had been pardoned.

She immediately stood up, grabbed her bag, and nodded at Lu Chen.

“Then Ill leave first! CEO Lu, goodbye!”


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