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Lu Chen rested in the small building for a moment before Ning Kun walked over and reported, “CEO Lu, the banquet is about to begin.”

Lu Chen did not speak.

Ning Kun had already walked behind Lu Chen and pushed the wheelchair out.

When they reached the outside of the building, Lu Chen said, “Has Fu Heng arrived”

Ning Kun did not stop and continued, “Were already preparing to watch the banquet.”

Lu Chen nodded in satisfaction and let Ning Kun push the wheelchair to the banquet hall.

Before they reached the banquet hall, they heard a commotion coming from the door.

Lu Chen looked sideways and saw a drunk man rushing in from the door.

The man was dressed in black leather clothes, and his curly and messy hair almost covered his face.

The guard wanted to stop him, but he hesitated when he saw the mans face.

The man stumbled through the door, but slid down against the stone pillar beside it.

In a moment, he was snoring.

A guard hurriedly ran to the banquet hall and reported to Uncle Xiang who came out of the banquet hall.

When he saw Lu Chen, he bowed and rushed towards the door.

Lu Chen glanced at the man who was already asleep leaning against the door and instructed Ning Kun to push the wheelchair into the banquet hall.

There were at least dozens of people in the banquet hall.

If not for his close relationship with the Lu family, he wouldnt have been able to enter so easily.

This time, it was probably because Old Master Lu was happy that he allowed so many people to attend the banquet.

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Many people saw Lu Chen and came forward.

But no one dared to get too close.

They stood about half a meter away and greeted Lu Chen.

The old man also saw Lu Chen enter.

He walked out of the crowd and looked at Lu Chen.

“Good kid, youre finally here!”

“Youre the protagonist today!” Old Master said with a smile and asked Ning Kun to push Lu Chen in.

After taking a few steps, Lu Teng walked over.

He had a fake smile on his face as he sized Lu Chen up.

“Xiao Chen, have you recovered”

“I thought you still had to recuperate for a while!”

As Lu Teng spoke, he looked at Old Master Lu.

“In my opinion, Grandpa shouldnt have gone through so much trouble to hold a banquet today.

Xiao Chen needs to rest well now!”

Hearing Lu Tengs words, the old man snorted in disgust and said, “No one asked you to come back.”

Lu Teng had never been liked by the old master.

Everyone present knew this very well.

The reason was not a secret.

It was because Lu Tengs mother was a mistress.

If Lu Tengs father, Lu Cong, had not died early and his first wife had no children, Lu Teng would not have had the chance to enter the Lu family to cause trouble.

Lu Teng did not care about Old Masters attitude.

Afterall, everything in the Lu family would be his sooner or later!

As long as… Lu Chen died early!

Lu Teng stared at Lu Chens back with hatred.

“Lu Chen, you will never leave the Lu family today!” Lu Teng swore to himself.

Lu Chen did not seem to feel the power of Lu Tengs gaze.

Instead, he maintained his usual cold appearance.

Even when the old man spoke to him, he only gave a simple response without the slightest emotion.

Since the main character had arrived, the banquet began under Old Master Lus orders.

During the banquet, the guests chatted and drank.

It did not look like a temporary banquet.

Occasionally, someone would want to come over and chat with Lu Chen.

Old Master Lu would always come over to help at the right time.

It could be seen that his heart ached for this grandson.

On the other hand, Lu Teng was completely silent.

These people who came to the banquet were all friends and business partners of the Lu family.

They naturally knew Lu Tengs status in the Lu family.

Moreover, there were many rumors about Lu Chens accidental injury.

They all guessed that this matter was related to Lu Teng.

Old Master Lu doted on Lu Chen so much that no one dared to express their goodwill to Lu Teng in front of him!

After a while, a man in a suit walked over.

He walked to Lu Tengs side and nodded slightly at him.

Lu Tengs eyes lit up.

He picked up a wine glass in front of him and walked up to Lu Chen.

“Xiao Chen, we havent seen each other for a long time! Have a drink with Second Brother!”

Ning Kun immediately went forward to stop him.

“CEO Lu…”

Lu Chen raised his hand and stopped Ning Kun.

He reached out and took the wine glass from Lu Teng.

Lu Teng smiled and drank it all.

Lu Chen did not hesitate and drank the wine.


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