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Lu Chen raised his head slightly and said, “Have you forgotten the shares in Uncles hands”

Lu Teng laughed wantonly.

“A son who has long been abandoned.

Do you still expect him to transfer his shares to you”

“I heard that our big brother is also an ignorant and incompetent person.

We dont even know where he is now!”

Lu Teng spoke confidently because he had long sent people to find this legendary big brother.

However, he had already changed his address.

Now, they had lost contact with this family!

It was a waste to occupy the shares of the Lu Corporation!

Lu Chen smiled and said softly, “What if this big brother is here now”

Lu Teng narrowed his eyes and looked at Lu Chen dangerously.

“What do you mean”

Lu Chen turned his head slightly towards Ning Kun.

Ning Kun immediately understood and turned to the guards, indicating for them to bring him in.

Uncle Xiang was pushing a wheelchair with an unconscious man sitting on it.

The man was dressed in leather clothes and looked disheveled.

It was impossible to tell who he was.

Lu Teng narrowed his eyes and looked at that person.

Then, he snorted at Lu Chen.

“Dont tell me youre going to use a tramp to pretend to be a major shareholder of the Lu Corporation!”

Lu Chen glanced at that person and said, “Uncle, say something!”

The unconscious tramp seemed to have heard Lu Chens words, but also seemed not to have heard him.

He opened his eyes in a daze and shielded them from the intense light.

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When his eyes adapted slightly, he looked around and said, “I havent slept for four days.

You called me back to face such a group of people”

Everyone looked at that person in confusion, unable to tell who he was.

However, from Lu Chens words, this person was probably Old Master Lus eldest son, Lu Pengs son, Lu Ke.

Lu Chen nodded at that person.

“Uncle, youve worked hard.

You can rest for a while more.

Ill be here.”

“Yes, Ill leave it to you! Dont bother me with the Lu Corporation anymore! Ive already said that Ill give you all the shares! Dont disturb me again!” Lu Ke said rather irritably.

Lu Chen seemed to be used to his attitude.

He nodded and gestured for Uncle Xiang to bring Lu Ke back to rest.

Hearing Lu Kes words, Lu Teng panicked.

Everything he had originally planned seemed to be uncertain.

And at that moment…

“CEO Lu, that…” The assistant stood beside Lu Teng and hesitated.

Lu Teng glared at the assistant, angry that he was so blind to cause trouble at such a critical moment.

Lu Chen kindly reminded Lu Teng, “Perhaps you should listen to what your assistant has to say first.”

Lu Teng did not want any voice to shake him anymore.

He only sneered.

“Nothing can change the fact that youre about to lose everything!”

The assistant opened his mouth again, as if the situation was urgent.

Lu Teng turned to glare at his assistant in frustration.

“Speak your mind!”

The assistant swallowed and whispered into Lu Tengs ear, “The stocks we bought previously… were tampered with.”

Lu Tengs expression froze.

“W-What did you say” Lu Tengs eyes were bloodshot as he glared at his assistant.

The assistant swallowed before saying, “We seem to have accidentally entered a phishing website, so…”

“Therefore, all operations are invalid and…”

“And our money…”

The assistant really couldnt continue.

Every word he said seemed to have become a heavy hammer hitting Lu Tengs head.

“You did it! Its all your fault!” Lu Teng glared at Lu Chen with an angry expression.

Lu Chen had no intention of denying it.

He only said, “Ive said it before.

No matter what you do, you have to check again and again before doing it! Why cant you ever remember”

Hearing Lu Chens provocative words, Lu Tengs anger instantly burned above his head.

Lu Tengs face turned from confident to ferocious.

He glared at Lu Chen.

“If it werent for you, everything would be mine! Sooner or later, it would be mine!”

“But its because of you that the old man deprived me of my rights and took away everything that should have belonged to me!”

“You deserve to die!” Lu Tengs eyes were red with anger.

“So, you were the one who caused my accident this time” Lu Chen looked at Lu Teng expressionlessly.

Lu Teng seemed to have gone crazy from anger.

“Yes! Thats right! I did it! Why arent you dead!”


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