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Lu Chens words caused a commotion again.

Someone even screamed.

Although many people suspected that Lu Chens accident was related to Lu Teng, his blatant admission still made everyone gasp!

This was an attempted murder!

Lu Chen almost lost his life in that accident!

Everyone thought that Lu Teng was just calculative and greedy for power! However, they did not expect him to be so vicious that he would disregard human lives!

Lu Teng did not seem to realize what he was about to face.

He rushed towards Lu Chen angrily, wanting to make this man who had made him unable to raise his head disappear completely.

However, before his hands could even touch Lu Chen, he was kicked to the ground by Ning Kun.

The security guards beside him were already prepared and rushed in front of Lu Teng.

Lu Teng roared angrily, “Im still a major shareholder of the Lu Corporation! You cant touch me! You cant!”

Old Master Lu walked up to Lu Teng and shouted coldly, “Enough!”

“Do you really think I dont know about all the things youve been doing behind my back”

“Why do you think Ling gave you the shares Is it because youre her husbands illegitimate son”

“Or do you think she will be deceived by your false words”

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Hearing Old Master Lus words, Lu Tengs expression turned even uglier.

“What do you mean”

Old Master Lu sighed and looked at the side of the banquet hall.

Lu Tengs fathers first wife, Gong Ling, appeared in the corner.

She walked up to Lu Teng and looked at him with pity.

“I thought that by giving you these shares, you would be able to settle down.”

“Looks like I lost the bet.” Gong Ling sighed helplessly.

Then, she handed a set of materials to Old Master Lu.

“Dad, this is my share transfer agreement.

Please accept it.”

“No! You said you would give me the shares! You said it!” Lu Teng roared angrily, but because he was restrained by the security guards, he could not move at all.

Gong Ling handed the materials to Old Master Lu and said helplessly to Lu Teng, “If you were willing to work obediently in the Lu family, I would have given you my shares as I said.”

“However, not only did you try to control the Lu Corporation, but you even wanted to hurt Dad and Chen Chen!”

“Im sorry, I cant fulfill my verbal promise.

I cant transfer this shares to you!”

Lu Teng glared at Gong Ling in disbelief.

He took deep breaths and roared angrily, “You lied to me too!”

Old Master Lu shook his head in disappointment.

“How many people do you think your lousy methods can deceive”

“Those old fellows followed me from nothing to today!”

“Do you think theyll really be afraid of your threats”

As Old Master Lu spoke, he slammed the table at the side.

“Youve disappointed me!”

Lu Tengs gaze slowly shifted to the side.

The old guards of the Lu Corporation, who were already in their seventies, had already stood beside Old Master Lu.

When Lu Teng saw them, his legs went weak.

Nothing else…

There was nothing left!

Lu Teng fell to the ground with a thud, no longer struggling.

After a while, he slowly looked up at Old Master Lu.

“Grandpa, did you arrange everything”

“As expected, I still cant defeat you!”

Old Master Lu shook his head and sneered.

“No! You didnt lose to me! You lost to Chen Chen!”

“From the day you planned to devour the Lu Corporation, your related companies have long been under Chen Chens control.”

“Why do you think Xiaoling was able to give you all 10% of the Lu Corporations shares at your request”

“Did you think she dared to do that without my permission”

“All of this is just a trap set up by Xiao Chen for you!”

As Old Master Lu spoke, he looked pained.

“We all hoped that you wouldnt fall into the trap, but we didnt expect you to fall deeper and deeper!”

“Why now Why” Lu Teng muttered, seemingly unwilling.

If it had been a little later, even if it was only a week later…

Old Master Lu was furious when he heard Lu Tengs stubborn words.

“Do you think we dont know your plan”

“Wait a while longer To give you a chance to harm Chen Chen”


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