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Hearing Old Master Lus words, Lu Tengs expression became a little complicated.

He did not answer and only stared at Lu Chen.

“Youve been traveling back and forth between Beijing, Sea City, and Austria for a while.

We have surveillance cameras for all of them.”

“After you arrived in Sea City, we know very well what you did in Xiao Chens apartment!”

“Do you really think you will have another chance to hurt Chen Chen”

Old Master Lus question made Lu Teng lose all thoughts of struggling.

He lowered his head dejectedly.

There was really no other chance to refute.

Soon, police sirens sounded outside the Lu Corporations old residence.

A few police officers walked into the banquet hall and handcuffed Lu Tengs hands.


Lu Teng, we now suspect that you are related to a deliberate injury case in Haicheng.

Please cooperate with the investigation.”

After saying that, the police officer walked towards Lu Chen.


Lu Chen, regarding Mr.

Lu Tengs financial fraud and suspected insider trading in the stock market, please return to the police station with us and cooperate with the investigation.”

Lu Chen nodded and said a few words to Old Master Lu before getting Ning Kun to push him back to the police station.

… .

Lin Yun sat at the table and quietly flipped through the interview content in her hand.

This was the content of the personal interview that Ou Yang had sent three days later.

Lin Yun looked at the irrelevant content and the names of the reporters on it and couldnt help but frown.

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In her memory, the reporter, Jiang Chao, was an extremely difficult person to deal with.

Not only did he not play by the rules, but he also deliberately made things difficult for the newbies and asked questions that were difficult to answer.

The reason why Lin Yun had such a deep impression of Jiang Chao was that in her previous life, when Jiang Chao first interviewed Lin Yu, he asked her about her background.

He even asked about Lin Yu and Zheng Yus engagement.

In her previous life, Lin Yu and Zheng Yus engagement was held in front of the entire city.

At that time, apart from congratulating the couple, everyone also paid special attention to the situation of the abandoned female lead, Lin Yun.

Many reporters and media asked about Lin Yuns mood and thoughts, but Jiang Chao was more concerned about how Lin Yu felt after snatching Lin Yuns identity and fiancé.

Although Lin Yu was shocked by Jiang Chaos question, she quickly recovered.

She smiled at Jiang Chao.

“Im just taking back what belongs to me.”

“And the reason why I got engaged to Zheng Yu was because of my sisters blessings.

Thats why I chose to get engaged to Zheng Yu.”

“If it werent for Sisters help, perhaps the two of us wouldnt have ended up together.”

Lin Yus answer sounded like Lin Yun didnt want Zheng Yu, so she arranged for her to be with Zheng Yu.

Jiang Chao described Lin Yus answer truthfully without embellishing anything.

It was also because of that interview that there were no more criticisms of Lin Yus engagement in the outside world.

Instead, they accepted the fact that Lin Yu and Zheng Yu were engaged and gave their blessings.

Lin Yus crisis was resolved, and Lin Yun was praised for her magnanimity for a period of time.

However, soon, another voice pointed out that Lin Yun only threw something she didnt want to Lin Yu to be a good person.

It could even be said that Lin Yuns occasional obsession with Zheng Yu was to make Lin Yu fall into the dark side of public opinion.

Because of this, from then on, Lin Yuns scandals continued, and Lin Yus reputation became better and better.

At that time, Lin Yun didnt care about this.

She was already unable to withstand the love between Lin Yu and Zheng Yu every day.

Now, she had to sort out these things so that she would not fall into a passive state!

Lin Yun circled a few of the questions and looked at the amount that had just arrived in her account.

The corners of her lips curled up slightly.

Boss Lu was really generous.

Not only did he give the money he had originally reserved, but he also gave an additional 10% tip!

However, since the problem with the Lu Corporation could be resolved successfully this time, she believed that she would not have much chance to meet Lu Chen in the future.

This time, she would do more for the Lu Corporation!

Lin Yun gently tapped on the keyboard a few times and sent the packed documents to the internal mailbox of the Beijing police station.

“I believe these things can help you solve the case,” Lin Yun said softly and turned off the computer.


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