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On the day of return to campus at Lian University, the school was bustling with activity.

There were many reporters gathered outside the school.

There were already many famous alumni at Lian University, but this time, the reporters came with great fanfare.

They were here for only one person, the daughter of the Lin family and the popular candidate for the new Masked King—Lin Yu.

Lin Yu got ready early in the morning and deliberately dressed up elegantly, looking like she was detached from the world.

Wang Lan looked at her daughter with a smile.

“Xiaoyu, school officially starts today.

Dont disappoint Dad and Mom.”

“You have to perform well in school.

Mom and Dad will be proud of you!”

A faint smile appeared on Lin Yus face.

“I know, Mom!”

Wang Lan held Lin Yus arm and walked out.

The chauffeur was already waiting at the door.

“Come back for dinner later.”

“Your father invited Teacher Fu today.

You have to perform well!”

Hearing Wang Lans words, Lin Yus expression froze.

Then, she nodded and said, “Mom, dont worry.

Ill definitely perform well tonight!”

Lin Yu got into the car and arrived at school with a frown.

The moment they arrived at the school gate, before Lin Yu could get out of the car, the driver said nervously, “Miss, the school gate is blocked!”


Lin Yu turned around and saw a large number of reporters blocking the way.

Not only that, some fans with light signs and banners were also waiting at the school gate.

Lin Yu looked smug when she saw her name written on it.

She instructed the driver to stop.

“Miss, we havent reached school yet.

If we go down now…” The driver hesitated.

Lin Yu glared at the driver and said, “If I say we get off here, we get off here.

What are you talking about!”

The driver was shocked and didnt dare say anything else.

Lin Yu pushed open the door with a smile.

She faced the camera and the fans with a shy and nervous smile.

“Lin Yu, welcome to university life!” A fan shouted.

“Lin Yu, we like you!”

“Lin Yu, work hard! You must be the champion!”

The shouts of fans rang out around the reporters.

A reporter rushed to Lin Yu.

“Miss Lin, look here!”

Lin Yu smiled at the reporter, looking humble and gentle.

After the reporters took some photos, Lin Yu said again, “Everyone, Im sorry.

Today is Lians first day of school.

Can you not block the way here and affect the other students from entering the school”

“Lin Yu is really gentle!” The fans shouted again.

“She will always think of others! Really!”

The smile on Lin Yus face did not fade as she said to the fans and reporters, “Im going to school too! Its my first day at school.

It wont be good if Im late!”

“Then, see you next time!” Lin Yu turned around and walked towards the door.

The reporter seized the opportunity to take a few photos of her back.

The fans kept shouting “Lin Yu, you can do it!” and “Lin Yu is the best!”

When the Lian students arrived at the school gate, they were all shocked by the scene.

After all, it was rare for the school to be so lively even when reporters came to interview them.

This was especially true for the students who entered the school with Lin Yu.

This was the first time they had seen such a huge scene.

Lin Yun had already expected that there would be a commotion at the schools main entrance today, so she asked the driver to stop the car at the side door.

She didnt want to add any more shocking news to Lin Yus news report.

Lin Yun entered the school and walked straight to the teaching building.

She had just taken a few steps when she heard someone call her from behind.

Lin Yun turned around and saw Mu Sheng running over from afar.

“Junior Lin Yun, long time no see!” Mu Sheng revealed a beautiful smile, looking young and energetic.

Lin Yun nodded at Mu Sheng as a greeting.

Mu Sheng continued, “Junior, are you going to the classroom too Lets go together!”

Lin Yun frowned and stopped in her tracks.

“Senior, we dont seem to be in the same classroom, right”

Mu Sheng scratched the back of his head and said, “Dont you know Im your teaching assistant this semester!”

Lin Yun let out a cry, not knowing how to react.

Just as Lin Yun was hesitating and didnt know how to respond, Jin Ying rushed over from afar like a cannonball.

Lin Yun subconsciously dodged.

Jin Ying rushed more than a meter away before stopping.


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