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Fu Heng looked at Ning Kuns tense body and could not help but sympathize.

“Third Brother, are you really going to leave the company like that”

Fu Heng was still a little worried as he asked Lu Chen.

“You let go of everything in Europe and came back to help the old man turn the situation around.

Are you just going to give it up now”

Lu Chen lowered his head and continued to look at the documents in his hands.

His gaze landed on the face of the girl in the photo.

“Do you have a better idea”

Fu Heng was speechless.

Although the Old Master trusted Lu Chen…

Especially after Lu Chen made the Lu Corporation, which was about to go bankrupt, become the largest international corporation in Asia in just two years!

However, he did not want to be suspicious of anyone in the family.

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This time, Lu Chen was in a car accident.

Although the Old Master was furious, he did not send anyone to investigate further.

It was not because of anything else, but because Old Master also vaguely knew who was behind this.

But he did not want to put everything in the open for Lu Chens sake!

Lu Chen did this so that he could retreat behind the scenes and observe the mastermind at work

He wanted to find an opportunity to catch all of them in one fell swoop!

On the other hand, Lu Chen also wanted to let Old Master know that he wasnt a person who was at his mercy!

Fu Heng knew that his schemes could not compare to Lu Chens.

Other than secretly admiring him, he could only follow Lu Chens instructions.

“Miss, how are you Are you feeling unwell anywhere” Aunt Xu asked anxiously the moment she entered the ward.

Lin Yun shook her head and sat up.

“Aunt Xu, youre back!”

Aunt Xu placed the bags in the closet and stood beside Lin Yun.

“Miss, I think you should just stay in the hospital for a while! Dont go back to that house for now!”

The more Aunt Xu spoke, the angrier she got, and the more unwilling she looked.

“Whats wrong” Lin Yun looked at Aunt Xu in confusion.

Aunt Xu was usually not a talkative person.

Now that she said this, she must have been angered by something.


Xu thought for a while and decided to tell Lin Yun everything she saw.

“Miss, when I went back to help you pack your things today, I realized that your room had been searched!”

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Lin Yun raised her eyebrows and snorted.

“Is something missing”

Aunt Xu shook her head in confusion.

“I dont see any missing clothes or accessories.”

“So how did you know someone went through my room”

Lin Yun looked at Aunt Xu and suddenly realized what the motive for the search was…

“I think someone messed up the music scores that Miss normally wouldnt let us touch.”

Aunt Xu sighed.

“Miss doesnt usually let us touch those music scores.”

“Its always scattered around.

Ive even complained about this before…”

“This time around, the things were placed neatly.

They were not in line with Misss usual messy appearance!”

Lin Yun frowned slightly, suddenly wondering if Aunt Xu was taking the opportunity to criticize her…

Seeing that Aunt Xu still looked indignant, Lin Yun extended her hand towards her.

Aunt Xu quickly walked up and grabbed Lin Yuns hand.

“What do you want Ill get it for you!”

Lin Yun smiled and grabbed Aunt Xus hand.

“Aunt Xu, dont be angry.

They wont be able to use those things even if they were taken away!”

“But…” Aunt Xu was still a little unwilling.

Lin Yun smiled and said firmly, “Dont worry! No one can take my things away!”

Aunt Xu looked at Lin Yuns determined expression and suddenly felt that she was a little unfamiliar.

She didnt think too much about it.

She only thought that Lin Yuns nature changed because of a sudden change in circumstances.

Lin Yun didnt intend to explain further.

She only asked Aunt Xu to prepare some paper and pen for her.

She still had things to do.

After Aunt Xu left, Lin Yun turned on the tablet brought by Mrs.


Lin Yun clicked on the website ofLe Hu Entertainment and quickly found the application channel for the audition ofnewly crowned champion.

In her previous life, Lin Yu had relied on her title as the champion of the audition to become the nations new idol.

With her novel style and popular lyrics, Lin Yu quickly became a rising star in the music industry.

And the songs that she participated in were all provided by Lin Yun!



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