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The small episode in the class was quickly suppressed by Teacher Jings domineering aura.

Today was the first day of school, so there was no main class.

Everyone listened to the homecoming speech and took their learning materials before returning home.

Lin Yun planned to go to the research institute to organize the previous information so that her research would not be delayed after school started.

Jin Ying felt sorry for Lin Yun and wanted to follow her.

Mu Sheng wanted to go over with her, but Lin Yun stopped him.

“Assistant, some things in our research lab are confidential.

Its not convenient for outsiders to visit.”

Lin Yuns words were reasonable, so Mu Sheng had no choice but to be unwilling.

Lin Yun and Jin Ying passed through the school field and happened to see a huge banner hanging on the periphery of the field.

When Jin Ying saw the contents of the banner, she pulled Lin Yun forward hurriedly.

Lin Yun glanced at the banner.

Indeed, it was a banner to cheer Lin Yu on.

It seemed that Lin Cheng had really put in a lot of effort!

Lin Yun smiled, but she was not dissatisfied at all.

Her dissatisfaction had long dissipated with her previous life!

The current her would no longer feel sad for anyone in the Lin family!

Jin Ying pulled Lin Yun all the way to the entrance of the research institute and happened to see Feng Hao rushing over.

Looking at Feng Haos skin color, which had obviously darkened by two colors, Lin Yun knew that this guy must have used this period of time to participate in special training.


Feng Hao seemed determined to become a police officer.

No matter how much his father disagreed, it did not affect his choice.

However, Feng Hao still planned to give up on his academic pursuits after graduation.

Lin Yun and Feng Hao nodded in greeting.

Jin Ying looked up at Feng Hao and suddenly said, “DId you go to the West Mountain to dig coal”

Feng Hao couldnt help but roll his eyes.

“No wonder your family is nouveau riche!”

Jin Ying jumped up like a firecracker and slapped Feng Hao on the head.

Lin Yun was a little surprised that Jin Ying could jump so high!

Jin Ying glared at Feng Hao angrily.

“I hate it when people call me a nouveau riche!”

After Jin Ying finished speaking, she turned around and left, ignoring Feng Hao.

Feng Hao looked at Jin Yings back in a daze.

After a long while, he asked Lin Yun, who had walked to his side, “Did she swallow gunpowder”

Lin Yun pursed her lips and said, “She just quarreled with someone in our class.”

Feng Hao frowned.

“Why is she venting her anger on me when shed argued with someone!”

Seeing Feng Haos aggrieved expression, Lin Yun chuckled.

“Because that person was also mocking her for being an upstart!”

Feng Hao was stunned on the spot.

Finally, he sighed heavily and resigned himself to fate.

He walked into the research institute, caught up with Jin Ying, and apologized sincerely.

Lin Yun looked at Jin Yings angry expression and then at Feng Haos guilty expression.

The smile on her face grew wider.

The three of them tidied up in the research room for a long time before coming out of it at lunchtime.

In the school, most of the students had already left.

Some of the students who were staying had already returned to the dormitory to rest.

Lin Yun looked at the sun above her and said to Jin Ying and Feng Hao, “I still have something on in the afternoon, so Ill leave first.”

Jin Ying held Lin Yuns hand and said, “Its already so late.

Lets have a meal before leaving!”

Feng Hao also nodded and said, “Thats right! Its only noon now.

Lets make do in the school canteen!”

Lin Yun was about to refuse when she heard her stomach respond to their suggestion.

She shrugged before saying, “Although I dont want to admit it, my stomach seems to have confessed first!”

Jin Ying smiled and held Lin Yuns hand as they walked towards the canteen.

The closer they got to the canteen, the more lively the commotion became.

Lin Yun frowned and subconsciously felt that she shouldnt continue forward.

At this moment, Zhang Jing suddenly appeared behind Lin Yun.

“Lin Yun, are you here to see your… sisters interview” Zhang Jing said with a smile.

His expression was obviously waiting to see Lin Yun make a fool of herself.

Lin Yun frowned and finally knew why there was a commotion.

Jin Ying also realized that Lin Yu, a large number of reporters, and fans must be in the canteen, so she pulled Lin Yun in another direction.

“Lets not eat in the canteen today.

Lets eat noodles outside!”

Although Feng Hao didnt know what had happened, he turned around and left with the two of them.

Zhang Jing grabbed Lin Yuns hand and said loudly, “What are you afraid of! Is the former Miss Lin afraid of such a scene!”


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