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Lin Yuns hand was held tightly by Zhang Jing.

Zhang Jing somehow had the strength to pull Lin Yun all the way to the canteen.

Jin Ying wanted to stop her, but she failed because of Zhang Jings companions.

Feng Hao wanted to interfere, but because they were girls in front of him, he was a little powerless.

Zhang Jing pulled Lin Yun to the periphery of the reporters and fans before saying loudly, “Make way, our ex-Miss Lin is going to eat in the canteen!”

With Zhang Jings words, the people in front retreated and looked at Lin Yun strangely.

Zhang Jing had a smug smile on his face as he held Lin Yuns hand and walked into the canteen.

Lin Yun, who was still struggling outside the canteen, had already calmly followed behind Zhang Jing and stopped struggling.

Struggling in front of these people would not gain any sympathy.

Instead, they would be laughed at!

Zhang Jing pulled Lin Yun to Lin Yu under everyones puzzled and disdainful gazes.

Lin Yu was sitting in a chair with an interviewer beside her.

And that reporter was Jiang Chao!

Obviously, Lin Yu had arranged for the interview segment of the show to be at school!

This was indeed a good publicity opportunity for the school.

To the production team, having an interview venue like Lian University was undoubtedly much more meaningful than finding a hotel or studio!

Lin Yun was pulled towards Lin Yu.

Lin Yu was stunned for a moment before she revealed a pure smile.

“Sister, long time no see!”

When Jiang Chao heard Lin Yus words, he immediately grasped the main point.

“Long time no see, Misses Lin.”

“Dont you live together”

Hearing Jiang Chaos question, Lin Yu immediately deliberately covered her mouth and said in panic, “Ah, what did I say!”

“I mean … I mean …”

Lin Yun ignored Lin Yus pretentious performance and said, “Ive already moved out of the Lin family.”

“Is it convenient to ask the reason” Jiang Chao asked again.

As a reporter, Jiang Chao had already known that Lin Yun had moved out of the Lin family.

However, for a large amount of interview material, this small gossip was really not worth his special attention.

However, now that there was a chance to kill two birds with one stone, Jiang Chao naturally wouldnt let it go!

Lin Yun smiled and did not answer immediately.

At this moment, Lin Yu said, “For some reason, Sister chose to leave the Lin family and move out.”

“Our entire family respects her choice and hopes that she can live happily!”

Hearing Lin Yus words, a large number of fans shouted, “Lin Yu is too kind!”

There were also many people whispering below, saying that even after it was established that was not the Lin familys biological daughter, she could not bear to leave the Lin family.

Now, she still wanted to occupy the other assets of the Lin family.

She was really too scheming!

Lin Yun listened to those words but did not react.

She looked at Jiang Chao and said softly, “Didnt you intend to conduct an interview with Xiaoyu today Why did the topic change to me”

“Xiaoyu will be unhappy!”

As Lin Yun spoke, she looked at Lin Yu.

“Xiao Yu, dont worry.

The main character today will definitely be you! Ill leave now!”

Lin Yuns humble words made Lin Yu realize that ever since Lin Yun appeared, all the attention seemed to have gathered on Lin Yun.

Lin Yu gritted her teeth but forced a smile.

“Sister, what are you talking about! Were good sisters.

Theres no main character or supporting role!”

“Todays interview was only because I participated in the new Masked King program and the program team arranged an event.”

As Lin Yu spoke, she turned to look at Jiang Chao.

“This Reporter Jiang was also sent by the production team.”

“If Sister is interested, we can sit down and do an interview together!”

After Lin Yu finished speaking, she looked at Jiang Chao inquiringly.

“Reporter Jiang, is that okay”

A knowing smile appeared on Jiang Chaos face.

He nodded slightly and said, “The protagonist of todays interview is Miss Lin Yu.

Naturally, well do whatever you arrange.”

Lin Yu looked at Jiang Chao gratefully and nodded in thanks.

The fans shouted again, “Lin Yu is so polite!”

Lin Yu turned to look at Lin Yun again with her eyebrows raised and a smile on her face.

“Sister, what do you think”

Lin Yun looked at Lin Yus fake smile and smiled faintly.

“Im very busy, so I wont be participating!”

After Lin Yun finished speaking, she said to Jiang Chao, “Reporter Jiang, please write a good article for my sister!”

“Thats only right.” Jiang Chao nodded slightly.

Lin Yun thanked him again and nodded at Lin Yu.

Under everyones gaze, she walked out of the crowd.


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