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Seeing this, Zhang Jing widened her eyes and quickly walked forward to pull Lin Yun.

“Why did you leave!”

Lin Yun turned to look at Zhang Jing, but her eyes were cold.

“Let go!”

Zhang Jing was shocked by Lin Yuns sudden cold gaze and subconsciously let go.

Lin Yun continued walking forward.

Zhang Jing gritted his teeth secretly, but he still chased after Lin Yun unwillingly.

Jin Ying and Feng Hao quickly followed behind, afraid that Lin Yun would be bullied again.

Just as Lin Yun was about to walk through the crowd, someone suddenly threw a notebook at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun did not have time to dodge and her forehead was hit.

She cried out in pain and her vision darkened.

Feng Hao immediately went forward and grabbed Lin Yun, who had almost fallen.

Zhang Jing was standing not far from Lin Yun and was shocked by the scene.

He did not expect someone to suddenly attack Lin Yun.

He looked around but could not find the culprit.

However, the surrounding people looked at Lin Yun fiercely, as if they wanted to skin her alive.

Zhang Jing suddenly realized that he seemed to have done something wrong.

However, it was too late for him to regret it now.

He stood rooted to the ground and watched as Feng Hao hugged Lin Yun and asked about her situation.

Jin Ying also pushed Zhang Jing away and hurriedly went forward to check on Lin Yun.

Jin Ying picked up the phone and was about to call an ambulance.

Lin Yun reached out randomly and finally grabbed Jin Yings hand.

“Dont! Im fine! Accompany me to the infirmary!”

How could Jin Ying agree Just as she was about to say something, Lin Yun fainted.

Jin Ying was shocked and didnt know what to do.

Feng Hao carried Lin Yun and ran towards the infirmary.

Jin Ying jogged behind.

Zhang Jing stood rooted to the ground in a daze.

He never expected that his prank would end up like this!

Feng Hao carried Lin Yun to the infirmary.

Coincidentally, the teacher was not there.

Jin Ying was like an ant on a hot pan, spinning around on the spot.

Feng Hao had learned some first aid knowledge.

He first treated Lin Yuns bleeding wound, but because Lin Yun was unconscious, it was unknown if her brain was injured.

Feng Hao grabbed Jin Yings arm and stared at the flustered Jin Ying.

“Call an ambulance!”

“Ah! Yes! An ambulance!” Jin Ying finally reacted and hurriedly called for an ambulance.


The ambulance arrived at the school more than ten minutes later.

After a simple examination, it picked Lin Yun up.

Jin Ying wanted to follow the ambulance to the hospital, but Feng Hao rejected her.

“You cant help.

Ill go!”

Jin Ying watched as Feng Hao got into the ambulance.

She looked at the tail lights of the car in the distance and suddenly felt dazed.

“What just happened” Jin Ying subconsciously muttered to herself.

After a while, she saw Zhang Jing walking over with a worried expression.

“Um, is Lin Yun alright” Zhang Jing rubbed his hands and asked nervously.

Jin Ying didnt know how to vent her anger.

She immediately pointed at Zhang Jings nose and scolded, “Are you bored!”

“If youre very free, you can pluck the school grass!”

“Do you know that this will hurt Lin Yun!”

“She hasnt woken up until now!”

“I wonder if she hurt her brain!”

“If something really happens! Lets see what you can do!”

Although Zhang Jing was scolded by Jin Ying, he did not retaliate.

He swallowed slightly before saying, “Do you know which hospital they went to”

“My car is outside.


“Shall we go to the hospital together”

“A car” Jin Yings eyes lit up as she grabbed Zhang Jings hand.

“Why didnt you say so earlier! Hurry up and leave!”

… .

Lin Yun had already woken up in the ambulance.

With her experience of being hospitalized for random reasons, Lin Yun communicated with the ambulance staff about her wish to return to school.

She really did not want to go to the hospital anymore.

She felt like she was about to grow up in the hospital!

However, Feng Hao clearly did not agree with her.

He insisted that Lin Yun must go to the hospital to take a CT scan of her brain to ensure that her head was not damaged before he could let her go!

As the only person in the ambulance who might have a deviation in consciousness, Lin Yun lost her autonomy.

The ambulance siren wailed all the way to Central Hospital.


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