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Lin Yun was sent to the emergency room.

She sat helplessly on the bed and looked at Dr.

Cheng, who was on duty in the emergency room.

“Why are you here again” Dr.

Cheng looked at Lin Yun in disbelief.

Lin Yun also looked aggrieved and almost cried while Feng Hao stood outside and waited anxiously.

After a while, Dr.

Cheng pulled open the curtain of the emergency room and looked at Feng Hao, who was pacing around like a husband waiting for his wife to give birth.

“Um, young man, come here for a moment.”

When Feng Hao heard the doctors call, he turned to look at Dr.


“Doctor, did you call me”

“Ah! Yes!” Dr.

Cheng waved at Feng Hao.

Feng Hao hurriedly took two steps forward and asked, “Doctor, how is it”


Cheng turned to look at Lin Yun on the bed.

“The CT results are out.

Shes fine.”

“Her fainting had nothing to do with getting her head hit.”

Hearing Dr.

Chengs words, Feng Hao was about to ask what caused it whenLin Yuns stomach let out a rumbling sound.

It was so loud that Dr.

Cheng and Feng Hao heard it clearly.

Lin Yun immediately felt a little awkward.

Feng Hao swallowed the question he wanted to ask.

“Uh… Doctor, um, I think I know whats going on! Sorry to trouble you!”


Cheng revealed a knowing smile and said to Lin Yun, “Alright, go have a good meal after resting.”

“I hope I wont see you in the hospital again in the near future.”

As Dr.

Cheng spoke, he hung the stethoscope around his neck and turned into another waiting room.

Feng Hao wanted to help Lin Yun off the bed, but Lin Yun smiled apologetically.

“Im sorry to have made you come for nothing.”

Feng Hao shook his head and said, “If I suddenly faint, Ill feel more at ease after a checkup!”

“But dont you know that you have low blood sugar This is really dangerous!”

Feng Hao couldnt help but start preaching again.

Lin Yun blushed.

She had never thought that she would faint and be sent to the hospital for this reason!

While the two of them were feeling awkward, Zhang Jing and Jin Ying had already rushed to the hospital.

Jin Ying rushed into the emergency area, wanting to find Lin Yun as soon as possible.

Zhang Jing ran to the consultation table to ask.

The two of them arrived at the waiting area one after another and saw Lin Yun and Feng Hao walking out.

“How is it Is Lin Yun alright” Jin Ying asked anxiously.

Zhang Jing stood at the back and sized Lin Yun up, as if he was afraid that something would really happen to Lin Yun.

However, seeing Lin Yun standing in front of him, Zhang Jing felt much more at ease.

Lin Yun was a little embarrassed and did not know how to answer.

Feng Hao stood at the side and coughed before saying, “The doctor said that Lin Yun is fine!”

“Im hungry.

Lets go eat!”

“Why are you still in the mood to eat at this time!” Jin Ying glared at Feng Hao unhappily.

“Are you sure theres no problem Do you want to check carefully again” Jin Ying was clearly still worried.

She grabbed Lin Yuns arm and checked carefully.

Lin Yun shook her head and smiled at Jin Ying.

“Im really fine! But Im so hungry! Lets go eat!”

“Um…” Zhang Jing stood not far away and hesitated.

Lin Yun looked sideways at Zhang Jing.

Zhang Jing hesitated for a moment before saying, “Ill treat you guys to a meal! To apologize for my actions just now!”

Hearing Zhang Jings words, Lin Yun was stunned for a moment, but she quickly nodded and chuckled.


After receiving Lin Yuns affirmative answer, Zhang Jing heaved a sigh of relief.

A relaxed smile appeared on her face before she said, “Lets go! My car is outside.

Lets go together!”

After Zhang Jing finished speaking, he turned around and strode out.

Seeing her like this, Jin Ying raised her eyebrows at Lin Yun and the two of them smiled at each other.

Zhang Jing was quite generous.

He brought the three of them to her familys restaurant—Yande Restaurant.

This Yan De Restaurant was one of the best old-fashioned restaurants in Sea City.

It was said that the predecessor of Yan De Restaurant was a small shop along the street a hundred years ago.

The boss specialized in making braised food, so the braised food in Yande Restaurant was famous domestically and abroad.

However, ever since Yan De Restaurant was in the hands of Zhang Jings father, Zhang Fu, a major transformation had begun.

Zhang Fu was a revolutionary and liked to create new things.

He despised old traditions.

Therefore, although it was a Chinese restaurant, the current renovation of Yan De Restaurant could compare to many Western restaurants.

They got out of the car and arrived at the entrance of the Yande Building.

Two bellboys in suits were standing there.


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