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Lin Yun stopped in front of a few stalls for a while before choosing some fruits to bring home.

Although this place was not far from the residence, it was still more than two kilometers away.

Lin Yun did not want too many people to know where she lived, so she did not ask Mu Sheng to send her back.

Lin Yun was wondering how she could walk home with these fruits.

After all, it would be fatal to walk back from such a distance!

Just as Lin Yun was considering if she should find a car to send her back, she suddenly heard someone call her from behind.

Lin Yun turned around and saw Wang Qi standing not far away.

Lin Yun was a little surprised.

She blinked and looked carefully before confirming that the person in front of her was indeed Wang Qi.

“Why are you here” Lin Yun asked curiously.

Wang Qi sighed and took the two bags from Lin Yun.

“Sigh, its a long story! Lets go! Well talk when we get back!”

Lin Yun followed behind Wang Qi, who had already turned around and was walking away.

Her brows were tightly furrowed.

The two of them finally walked home and collapsed on the sofa, neither of them wanting to move.

Aunt Xu looked at the two of them and was both angry and amused.

“Cant the two ladies get someone to pick them up They really walked back by themselves from such a distance!”

Lin Yun sighed and said weakly to Aunt Xu, “I really planned to call a taxi home.

Who knew that I would meet Wang Qi…”

Wang Qi rolled her eyes and said, “Are you kidding me Theres no car there!”

Lin Yun pursed her lips and didnt say anything.

Aunt Xu frowned.

“The driver wasnt here the entire afternoon.

Wasnt he there to pick Miss up”

At the mention of the driver, Lin Yun jumped up from the sofa.

Wang Qi was shocked and immediately turned to sit on the sofa on the other side.

“Aunt Xu, when did the driver go out today” Lin Yun asked coldly.

Aunt Xu thought for a moment before saying, “He went out about ten minutes after you called.”

“I was wondering where Miss went after not returning for so long.

So the chauffeur hasnt picked you up”

Lin Yun frowned slightly and picked up the phone to call the driver again.

The phone continued to ring, but no one answered.

Aunt Xu stood at the side, but she was a little worried.

“Did something happen”

Lin Yun revealed a thoughtful expression.

Lin Cheng had sent this driver to her.

Although he was very young, he had been driving for more than 10 years.

In theory, there shouldnt be any problems.

The road from the residence to the city was only nearly 10 kilometers away.

It was a relatively desolate place with occasional cars passing by.

Most of the roads had residential houses and even shopping malls.

If something had really happened to the driver, it was impossible for there to be no news at all!

As Lin Yun was thinking, her phone suddenly rang.

Lin Yun picked up the phone and heard Lin Yus voice.

“Sister, are you home”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows, not believing that Lin Yu would suddenly care about her.

“Whats the matter”

Lin Yu chuckled.

“Aiya, its nothing.

Im just worried that it will be inconvenient for me to travel without a chauffeur.”

When Lin Yun heard this, she knew that this had something to do with Lin Yu.

However, since the driver was fine, Lin Yun felt much more at ease.

She adjusted her sitting position before saying, “You have my driver”

Lin Yus voice was apologetic as she chuckled.

“My driver went to get my order today.

I really had no choice but to call my sisters driver over for the entire day.”

“But I dont believe Sister needs a driver in particular…”

Lin Yun narrowed her eyes slightly and said, “Yes, I dont need a driver!”

When Lin Yu heard this, she hurriedly said in surprise, “Sister, are you angry”

Lin Yuns lips curled up.

“How can that be If you want to use the driver, keep him.

As long as you like it!”

“You!” Lin Yu was speechless.

“Is there anything else Im hanging up!” Lin Yun hung up.

When Aunt Xu heard Lin Yuns words, she roughly guessed what was going on.

“This Xiao Liang really doesnt know whats good for him! How can he do such a thing!”

Lin Yun smiled at Aunt Xu and said, “Its okay.

Everyone has their own ambitions.”

“Im not surprised he chose Lin Yu.”


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