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Lin Yun typed on the keyboard and entered the registration information.

In this life, Lin Yun wouldnt give up any chance!

She would always remember how people had pointed fingers at her when they congratulated her!

That so-called precious pearl was just a thief who stole someone elses achievements!

Because she had lost too much blood, Lin Yun lay in bed for two days before Aunt Xu allowed her to get off the bed.

When she heard from the news that Lu Chen was in a coma, Lin Yun felt that there was something fishy about this.

This was especially since everyone thought that Lu Chen was seriously injured and crippled for close to four years in her previous life, Lin Yun saw him flying towards her at the last moment of her life!

That was definitely not something a crippled person could do!

Although Lin Yun was hesitant, she still decided to go to the tenth floor to ask about Lu Chen.

While Aunt Xu went to prepare lunch for her, Lin Yun wheeled herself to the tenth floor.

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The moment she stepped out of the elevator, two bodyguards in black stood by the door.

It could be seen that the 10th floor was under the Lu familys control.

The two bodyguards guarding the elevator appeared to recognise Lin Yun.

They looked at each other but did not stop her.

“Miss, outsiders are forbidden from entering this floor.

Please…” One of the bodyguards said respectfully.

Lin Yun nodded, but she was still worried.

“Is CEO Lu out of danger”

“Is he awake”

Lin Yuns questioning sounded a little urgent.

The two bodyguards looked at each other, but no one replied.

Lin Yun was about to speak again when she saw Ning Kun walk over from afar.

“Miss Lin!” Ning Kun walked towards Lin Yun and greeted her respectfully.

Lin Yun nodded.

“Assistant Ning, hows CEO Lu doing”

Ning Kun looked helpless.

“CEO Lu is out of danger, but he hasnt woken up yet.”

“Then he…” Lin Yun was a little anxious when she heard that Lu Chen had not woken up.” Has he not woken up What did the doctor say ”

“He…” Lin Yun was about to ask something else when the elevator door behind her opened again.

Ning Kun and the two bodyguards looked behind her at the same time.

“Yo, so many people! Its quite lively!” Fu Hengs voice sounded from behind Lin Yun.

Lin Yun felt a chill run down her spine and subconsciously wanted to turn around and leave.

However, she was in a wheelchair and it was inconvenient for her to move.

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Without waiting for her to move, Fu Heng had already walked up to her from behind.

Lin Yun naturally recognized Fu Heng.

Thinking back to those years when she was taking care of Lu Chen, Fu Heng had given her a lot of grief.

At that time, Lin Yun was sent to Lu Chen by Lin Cheng.

Fu Heng was certain that Lin Yun came with a purpose.

Other than keeping a close eye on her, he would also create some “small surprises” for her from time to time.

To Lin Yun, Fu Heng was like a ticking time bomb…

It was a natural disaster!

Recalling her previous experiences, Lin Yun only wanted to quickly disappear from Fu Hengs sight.

How could Fu Heng allow Lin Yun to leave

The moment he saw Lin Yuns face, he recognized this Miss Lin who did good deeds without leaving her name.

“Miss Lin What a coincidence.

Youre here again” Fu Hengs tone was teasing, but one could hear that his attitude was not very friendly.

When Ning Kun heard Fu Hengs words, he wanted to stop him but was not in a position to speak.

Lin Yun was the one who saved CEO Lus life.

No matter what her motive was, she had done it!

If it werent for her, CEO Lu might already be lying in that small box!

And those people would have achieved their goal!

No matter what, he was truly grateful to Lin Yun!

Fu Heng and Ning Kun naturally had different thoughts.

If it was just an ordinary girl offering her heart to help others, he would naturally not doubt it.

However, with Lin Yuns status as the eldest daughter of the Lin family, she was destined to do more than just give!

He did not know what she was planning!

But no matter what, he could not let this woman have the chance to hurt his third brother!

It was precisely because of this that Fu Heng had already gotten someone to investigate this Young Miss of the Lin family thoroughly after learning that Lin Yun had given her blood without asking for anything in return.

Fu Heng scrutinized Lin Yun.

Lin Yun felt her scalp go numb.

She tried hard to adjust her mood and slowly raised her head.

She looked at Fu Heng doubtfully.

“Sir, do we know each other”


She still did not know this well-known Casanova!

Fu Heng raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Lin Yuns slightly sincere gaze.


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