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When Lin Yun arrived at school, she happened to see Feng Hao and Jin Ying walking into the school together.

“Lin Yun, I happen to have something to look for you!” Feng Hao rushed over when he saw Lin Yun.

Lin Yun stood still and greeted the two of them before asking, “Whats wrong Whats the matter with the project”

Feng Hao shook his head and pulled Lin Yuns arm under a big tree.

Lin Yun looked suspiciously at Feng Hao and then at Jin Ying, who was frowning at them.

It seemed that Jin Ying did not know about this.

Feng Hao pulled Lin Yun to a stop and said, “You asked me to check on your captured friend last time.”

Lin Yun nodded, knowing that Feng Hao was talking about Shao Yi.

She already knew from the news that Lu Teng had caused a commotion in the Lu family mansion and that he had been taken away by the police for investigation.

If Shao Yi was really related to Lu Tengs matter, the police would very likely intensify the investigation on Shao Yi.

She wondered if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

“Im afraid your friends matter is a little troublesome.

You better get his mother to be mentally prepared.” Feng Hao hesitated, making Lin Yun subconsciously nervous.

“Is his matter very serious” Lin Yun lowered her voice, worry flashing across her eyes.

Feng Hao thought for a moment before saying, “Im not too sure about the details, but he has already been called up by the city bureau.

There might be higher-level officials in charge later.”

Lin Yun looked at Feng Hao in disbelief.

“Why is it so serious”

Even Lu Tengs matter was not so serious.

Why was it different for Shao Yi

Feng Hao shook his head.

“I cant say too much, and I didnt get any results.

Im really sorry.”

Lin Yun saw Feng Haos dilemma and could only force a smile.

“Thank you for telling me this news.

Ill deal with the rest!”

Feng Hao nodded and the two of them left the tree.

Jin Ying stood not far away and looked at the two of them with an obvious impatient expression.

“What secrets do the two of you have to hide from me”

Lin Yun could tell that Jin Ying was unhappy.

She quickly took two steps forward and gently held Jin Yings hand.

“Theres nothing between us! Its just that I asked Feng Hao to help me investigate something and he has news.”

Jin Ying raised her eyebrows and looked at Feng Hao before snorting and turning to walk towards the research institute.

Lin Yun nudged Feng Hao with her arm, indicating for him to chase after Jin Ying.

Feng Hao glanced at Lin Yun before quickly chasing after her.

Feng Hao lowered his head and said something to Jin Ying, but Jin Ying quickened her pace.

Feng Hao sighed and chased after her.

At some point, the two of them seemed to have become very close…

Ever since she found out about Shao Yi, Lin Yun had been in an uneasy state all morning.

After taking leave from the professor in the afternoon, Lin Yun returned home.

Aunt Xu was puzzled as to why Lin Yun was back so quickly.

Lin Yun only said that there was a change in the schedule in the afternoon and went into her room.

Turning on the computer, Lin Yun quickly entered the program she had designed.

“City Bureau…” Lin Yun muttered as her fingers quickly typed on the keyboard.

After a while, a white interface with a blue seal appeared in front of Lin Yun.

She followed the directory and quickly found the city bureaus confidential file storage system.

She clicked the start button and frowned again.

“Encrypted” Lin Yun felt that something was amiss.

Originally, the city bureaus confidential file system only had two layers of encryption.

Now, it seemed that more important file information had been saved.

Lin Yun took out a small keypad and inserted it into the computer.

She gently typed a few keys on the keyboard and sat in front of the computer with her arms crossed, waiting quietly.

This was a new device she had just developed to crack passwords.

It could quickly hack into the system terminal, find the system loophole, and implant the trojan horse virus, allowing the password to appear on Lin Yuns computer screen.

After confirming the password, Lin Yun entered the obtained password in the encryption system and quickly entered the confidential archive.

“Shao Yis case file…” Lin Yun searched hard.

There were not many files in the confidential archive, but it was not easy to find.

Lin Yun was focused on searching when a “tail” suddenly caught up to her.

Lin Yun was shocked.

She thought it was an official interception system.

Unexpectedly, the other party did not stop her.

Instead, he followed her.

Someone would actually enter the confidential archive like her!


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