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Lin Yun and Wang Qi chatted until late at night before returning to their rooms to rest.

Just as she lay on the bed, Lin Yuns phone rang.

“Miss Mingyi, your call is too difficult to get through!” The other party couldnt help but complain.

Lin Yun looked at her phone and realized that there were more than ten missed calls.

“Im sorry, I was busy just now and didnt bring my phone,” Lin Yun said apologetically.

She looked at the time.

It was already past 11 p.m.

“Its so late.

Why are you looking for me” Lin Yun asked curiously.

The other partys voice was a little anxious.

“Regarding the song selection of the next competition that you submitted, its suspected of plagiarism.

I need you to come to the production team tomorrow to discuss it.”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows slightly, and her gaze changed slightly.


“Who said that” Lin Yun asked.

The other party seemed to be stunned for a moment before saying, “Well… Why dont you come over tomorrow and well talk in person”

Lin Yun nodded.

“Alright, Ill go over tomorrow.

I hope you can give me a reasonable explanation.”

After hanging up, Lin Yun frowned.

The songs for the next match were chosen by the contestants.

The contestants chose a total of two songs.

One was based on the music library given by the judges, and the other was a song written by the contestants themselves.

Although this song did not require the contestant to compose it personally, it still had to ensure that its ownership would not be questioned.

This was a request that the production team had specially set up to improve the performance effect of the show.

Lin Yun originally thought that this request was set up for her, but she didnt expect someone to set her up!

… .

“Miss Mingyi, regarding your song being suspected of plagiarism…” A person-in-charge of the production team sat on the sofa and said to Lin Yun in an unfriendly tone.

Lin Yun was dressed in black and her face was still covered by a veil.

No expression could be seen.

Only her eyes looked a little angry.


Yun, I think youd better not make a rash judgment before the facts are confirmed.”

Yun Jia looked at the black-faced woman in front of her and could not muster any interest in communicating.

Even if such a strangely dressed person won the competition, there was no way to promote it in the future!

For a talent show, she should be the first batch of eliminated contestants!

He didnt know what that stubborn Luo Gang was thinking all day long.

He insisted that he couldnt give up on the genius contestant.

Yun Jia and Luo Gang had quarreled countless times during the meeting, but in the end, Yun Jia still lost.

Because of this, Yun Jia had some emotions when he talked to Mingyi.

It wasnt easy for him to catch this contestants mistake.

He had to eliminate her from the show!

Yun Jia looked at Lin Yun coldly.

“Miss Mingyi, I have something to say.

Because your work is suspected of plagiarism, the production team doesnt want such discordant voices to appear, so I suggest you take the initiative to withdraw from the competition!”

Lin Yun looked at Yun Jia in disbelief.

“Are you guys directly convicting someone”

Yun Jia sneered and said, “We have conclusive evidence.

I hope Miss Mingyi doesnt make things too difficult for herself.”

Lin Yun immediately found it unbelievable.

This song had never been published.

It was a new song she had collaborated with Ji Rou.

She had also discussed the right to use this song with Ji Rou, so there was definitely no problem of plagiarism!

If there was no plagiarism on her side, then someone could only have stolen her score and slandered her for plagiarism!

Lin Yun secretly suppressed her anger and said to Yun Jia, “Mr.

Yun, I hope to see your so-called conclusive evidence.”

“After all, this matter involves my personal reputation.

I still hope to have a clear explanation!”

Seeing Lin Yuns unyielding attitude, Yun Jias expression became even uglier.

“Miss Ming Yi, I advise you not to act rashly when you can salvage the situation.” Yun Jias seemingly reminder was somewhat threatening.

Lin Yun snorted softly and said in a hoarse voice with a hint of disdain, “Mr.

Yun might not be familiar with me yet.

Ive always liked to be serious and do everything according to my personality.”

“So, its better that I ask Mr.

Yun to investigate everything.”

“Otherwise, I cant guarantee that I wont expose this to the media.

If they find out that I didnt plagiarize, Im afraid I wont be the one who will look bad…”


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