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Seeing that she and Lin Yun were not on the same page, Yun Jia could only put on the tough attitude of the producer.

“Miss Mingyi, you know that we can directly disqualify you from the competition!”

Lin Yun was about to speak when a woman in a long black dress pushed the door open and walked in.

Yun Jia glanced at the woman and frowned slightly.

“Why are you here”

The woman smiled and said, “Lets see how your conversation is going!”

Lin Yun looked at the woman and felt that she had seen her somewhere before.

The woman smiled at Lin Yun.

“Miss Mingyi, Ive heard a lot about you!”

Lin Yun nodded in the womans direction to express her courtesy.

Seeing that Lin Yun did not even snort, Yun Jia became even more dissatisfied with her arrogance.

The woman didnt mind.

She sat on the sofa beside Yun Jia and said to Lin Yun, “Im the manager of the agent department of Tian Le Records.

My name is Yun Sheng.”

Lin Yun looked at Yun Jia and Yun Sheng suspiciously, her eyes flashing with understanding.

Yunsheng revealed a deeper smile and glanced in Yun Jias direction.

“This guy is my brother.

Hes currently the producer of the new Masked King.”

Yun Jia tilted her head and looked at Yun Sheng as if he was not very satisfied with this introduction.

Lin Yun nodded and said, “So as a producer, you can accuse others of plagiarism”

Yun Sheng glared at Yun Jia before smiling at Lin Yun.

“Miss Mingyi, youve misunderstood.

My brother asked you to come today mainly because of a negotiation between our company and the production team.”

“Because Miss Mingyis song this time is very similar to the other contestants, and our companys original cooperation with that contestant has stopped.” Although Yun Sheng was smiling, her eyes were sharp.

Her eyes were fixed on Lin Yuns face.

Although her entire face was covered tightly, Yun Sheng could still clearly distinguish Lin Yuns emotions.

When Lin Yun heard this, she seemed to understand why Yun Jia had been forcing her to admit to plagiarism.

She paused for a moment before asking, “If necessary, I can confront that contestant on the spot.”

“Also, I have the original manuscript and demo disk for this song.

I can provide it to Manager Yun if you need it.”

Lin Yuns words were very clear.

She believed in Yunsheng, but Yun Jia…

Yun Jia naturally understood the meaning behind Lin Yuns words.

Her eyes widened.

“Miss Mingyi, please respect me as a producer…”

Before Yun Jia could finish, Yun Sheng had already raised her hand to interrupt him.

“Yun Producer, I think Miss Mingyi already knows the seriousness of the matter.”

Yun Jias expression turned ugly when he was stopped.

Yunsheng said again, “CEO Fu means that its best to get to the bottom of this matter and not let some people take advantage of it.”

Hearing Yun Sheng mention CEO Fu, Yun Jia immediately lost his temper.

Lin Yun nodded in understanding.

So this show was also related to Tian Le Records.

Wasnt CEO Fu… Lu Chens cousin

Lin Yun was stunned.

In her impression, this program was never connected with the Lu Corporation.

Why was it suddenly…

Could it be that they felt that this program was profitable, so they invested in it

Wasnt that intercepting her

The more Lin Yun thought about it, the angrier she became.

Her eyes were filled with unwillingness.

Yun Sheng thought that Lin Yun was still angry at being suspected of plagiarism, so she smiled and said, “We just hope that Miss Mingyi can cooperate with us to figure out what happened today.”

“We will give everyone a satisfactory answer after we figure out the truth and how to deal with it later.” Although Yun Shengs words were very official, it was still fair.

Lin Yun nodded in agreement.

“Ill try my best to cooperate with you.”

Yun Sheng turned to look at Yun Jia and said, “We will find someone to compare the music.

At the same time, because the competition is approaching, I hope the two of you can choose another song to participate.”

Lin Yun thought for a moment before saying, “I have a way to confirm who plagiarized.”

Yun Sheng was stunned for a moment and hurriedly said, “Miss Mingyi, why dont you tell me”

Lin Yun leaned forward and whispered into Yun Shengs ear.

Yun Jia lowered his body and leaned toward the two of them.

Lin Yun glanced sideways and saw Yun Jia leaning over.

Yun Sheng also noticed this and slapped Yun Jia, pushing him to the side.

Yun Jia looked at the two women whispering and snorted unhappily.

He would definitely complain to CEO Fu later!


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