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Wang Lan had been in a bad mood for the past two days because she had been snubbed by Lin Yun.

Lin Yu sensed Wang Lans displeasure and probed for the reason.

“Xiao Yu, dont worry.

Mom will take back everything you want!” Wang Lan gritted her teeth.

“Soon, the Zheng family will hold a cocktail party.

At that time, Mom will definitely make you the center of attention and stand beside Zheng Yu!” As Wang Lan spoke, her eyes lit up.

Lin Yus face looked a little red.

She lowered her head slightly and said shyly, “Mom, Ill listen to your arrangements.”

Ever since she realized that Zheng Yu still had an obsession with Lin Yun, she had been avoiding him recently.

However, Zheng Yu only looked for her for the first two days before disappearing!

If she hadnt heard Ni Tang and the others mention that Zheng Yu got drunk at the bar, she would have thought that Zheng Yu didnt take her seriously at all.

However, it was said that Zheng Yu was chased out by the people from the bar that day.

She wondered how sad he was to be chased out of the bar!

As Lin Yu thought about it, her heart ached.

Wang Lan looked at Lin Yus expression and reached out to gently stroke her hair.

Her eyes were filled with love.

“Xiaoyu, dont worry.

Mom will definitely make you the most beautiful bride!”

“No one can ruin your happiness!” Wang Lan said firmly.

Lin Yu smiled and leaned on Wang Lans shoulder.

Her tone was very innocent.

“Mom, I dont want to get married yet!”

Wang Lan gently tapped Lin Yus nose and smiled.

“Silly! Girls have to get married!”

“This time, Mom will get the Zheng family to announce your identity as their future daughter-in-law at the cocktail party!”

“Let everyone witness your happiness!”

Yun Sheng told Fu Heng Lin Yuns plan.

Fu Heng pinched his chin and thought for a moment before slapping his thigh.


“This idea can not only expose the plagiarist but also make our show even more famous!”

“Good idea! Good idea!”

Fu Heng happily swung his legs and reached for the cigarette box on the table.

Ning Hao grabbed the cigarette box with one hand and said without any change in expression, “CEO Lu said that you need to quit smoking for three months.”

“Why!” Fu Heng couldnt help but scream.

“You privately dealt with Miss Lin before he made any arrangements,” Ning Hao said calmly, without any sympathy for his leader.

Fu Heng stared at the cigarette box as if it was about to burst into flames.

After a long while, he sighed and leaned back in his chair dejectedly.

“I clearly did a good deed and helped him teach that man a lesson, but he actually punished me!”

“Theres no justice!” Fu Heng was speechless.

Ning Hao ignored him and asked officially, “When should we start implementing Miss Mingyis suggestion”

“According to her plan, the contestants will record the creative background experience of the self-selected song as a VCR and then let the internet vote.”

“The work will be created a second time through the voting results and netizens opinions.”

“Those who lack creative experience will definitely give themselves away!”

As Fu Heng spoke, his lips curled into a smile.

“However, regardless of whether we can find out who the plagiarist is in the end, we will definitely be able to get a dividend from this publicity!”

When Ning Hao heard Fu Hengs words, he stood at the side and thought for a moment before saying, “The focus of our competition this time is the contestants ability to sing.

Will the audience question whether the competition deliberately increased the difficulty”

Fu Heng waved his hand and said, “You dont understand this batch of netizens!”

“They dont care about the rules and purpose of the competition.

They only care about whether its lively enough, if there are enough tricks, and if the surrounding gossip is exciting enough!”

“If the plagiarism incident is leaked, it will definitely have a negative impact.

However, if the score is composed a second time without being released, even if the original song is plagiarized, the audience will only be presented with different songs!”

“Of course, we can also quickly distinguish who plagiarized!”

Although Ning Hao still had some doubts, since Fu Heng felt that this was a good method, he might as well do it first.

Fu Heng was happily thinking that most of the matter had been resolved when Lu Chen called.


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