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“Is there a problem with the show” Lu Chens voice was emotionless.

Fu Heng immediately explained the solution to Lu Chen.

“This plan was thought up by Mingyi.

I didnt expect her to not only sing well, but also be so intelligent!” Fu Heng couldnt help but praise.

“Stronger than the people you pick,” Lu Chen said indifferently, making Fu Heng feel wronged.

“Im only like this because I dont know people well!” Fu Heng immediately defended himself.

“Thats always the case.” Lu Chen did not give Fu Heng a chance to argue and directly concluded.

Although Fu Heng felt wronged, he knew that Lu Chen was telling the truth.

More importantly, he had caused some trouble for the company.

Thinking of this, Fu Heng immediately felt a little dejected.

However, Lu Chen did not give him much time to worry.

He had more important things to do.

“Sign Mingyi.”

Fu Heng blinked and said with a smile, “Third Brother, its rare that we like the same person.”

As soon as Fu Heng finished speaking, for some reason, he felt a chill spread along the phone wave.

Fu Heng subconsciously shivered before saying again, “I mean, I also plan to sign Mingyi.

Her ability is obvious in this round of selection.”

“Its just that this Mingyis temper is really a little strange.” Fu Heng curled his lips.

“I guess I still have to think of some way to get her.”

Lu Chen sounded a little unhappy.

“Other than Tian Le, does she have a better choice”

Fu Heng didnt know how to answer.

Tian Le was naturally a top entertainment company in the country, but these contestants, especially those with some strength, often had strange temperaments.

As the saying went, everyone had their own ambitions.

He could not force her to sign and sell herself!

Fu Heng thought for a while before saying, “Then we can only use our trump card!”

“Up to you.

It had to be done within a week.” Lu Chen hung up after saying that.

Fu Heng looked at the phone with a dissatisfied expression.

“Its always like this! Its only because I have a good temper!”

Ning Hao stood at the side and ignored Fu Hengs depressed expression.

He only asked, “Ill contact Lin Qian and make him the guest judge for the next round.”


Fu Heng nodded first, then raised his hand to stop Ning Hao.

“No! Get Lin Qian to come over.

I still have something to do.”

Ning Hao nodded and left.

Fu Heng frowned as he looked at the investigation information about Mingyi.

It was only a thin piece of paper with three or four lines of introduction.

This Ming Yi was really mysterious.

She seemed to have too many secrets.

“Xiaoyu, you look good in this gown!” Ni Tang couldnt help but praise Lin Yu.

Mimi chimed in, “Lin Yu is a beauty to begin with.

She looks like a fairy.”

“Of course! In my opinion, those who commented about Lin Yun being a rare beauty in a thousand years should really…” Before Li Ting could finish, Ni Tang elbowed her back.

Li Ting was shocked and followed Ni Tangs gaze to Lin Yu.

Seeing that Lin Yus smile seemed to have faded, Li Ting realized that she had said something wrong.

Li Ting hurriedly explained, “Hey, I didnt mean that.

I mean, Lin Yu is the real beauty! Those people have no taste!”

Seeing that the more Li Ting explained, the uglier Lin Yus expression became, Ni Tang quickly said, “Our Lin Yu looks good even without dressing up.

Shes definitely a beauty without makeup.”

“You dont even know how many people in Lian want to pursue Xiaoyu!” Ni Tang smiled and gestured at Mimi.

Mimi immediately added, “Thats right! Even my cousin wants to woo Xiaoyu.

He keeps asking me for her contact details every day!”

“But I have to help our Xiaoyu settle it.

My cousins family is just a small rich family.

Our Xiaoyu wouldnt be interested at all!” Mimi said exaggeratedly.

When Lin Yu heard this, she finally smiled.

“Youre exaggerating! Im not that popular!”

“Besides, I already have someone in my heart…” Lin Yu lowered her head shyly.

“Yes, yes, yes! Our Eldest Young Master Zheng really burned a lot of incense in his previous life to obtain Xiaoyus heart!” Li Ting immediately followed up.

“He will definitely be stunned by his female companion this time!” Ni Tang raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at Lin Yu ambiguously.

Lin Yus face turned even redder.


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