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“The third son is only 12 years old this year.

Hes a little young.”

“My second son is about the same age as you.

Its just that…” The woman seemed to hesitate as she spoke.” He doesnt do his job every day and always makes us angry.

“However, although my son is a good-for-nothing, hes good-looking.” The woman blinked at Lin Yun.

“Why dont you consider it”

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment.

The man beside her coughed and said, “Dont listen to her nonsense.”

“Even when she sees a young lady she likes, she cant wait to pull her in as her daughter-in-law.” Although the man was unhappy with his wife, his eyes revealed a doting expression.

The woman curled her lips and said, “Our sons are all like you.

They cant express themselves well.

If I dont work hard, will I have to face a group of old bachelors every day”

Lin Yun looked at the couple with envy.

She could tell that their relationship was very good.

It was the kind of relationship where even if they didnt express it, their hearts were filled with love.

Couldnt such a family satisfy Lin Yu Was what she wanted the cold identity of the Lin familys daughter Lin Yun couldnt help but sigh.

When the woman heard this, she quickly asked, “Little girl, whats wrong Is there something on your mind”

Lin Yun quickly restrained her emotions and looked at the woman.

“Its nothing.

I just thought of my mother.”

“Are you homesick” the woman said.

“Is it far from home Have you not seen your mother in a long time”

Lin Yun looked at the womans face and said calmly, “Yes! A long time.”

The woman looked at Lin Yun with heartache.

“If its not convenient for you to leave home, come here more often.

I like you!”

Lin Yun nodded and did not respond.

The woman looked at Lin Yun.

Suddenly, she slapped her forehead.

“Look, what time is it Are you hungry too Ill make you something delicious!”

“Youre Xiaoyus friend.

How can I not invite you to dinner!”

As the woman spoke, she left quickly without giving Lin Yun a chance to refuse.

Lin Yun watched the woman leave, but her attention was pulled back by the mans voice.

“You didnt come here just to see us, right” the man asked warily.

“Did something happen to Xiaoyu”

Lin Yun was shocked by the mans question and hurriedly said, “Xiaoyu is fine.

I just heard that her parents love her very much and was very envious, so I came to take a look.”

The man still looked at Lin Yun suspiciously, not fully trusting her.

Lin Yun lowered her eyes slightly.

After a while, she looked up at the man.

“May I ask if Lin Yu suddenly left home Do you know why she left”

When the man heard Lin Yuns words, he couldnt help but freeze.

The man pondered for a moment before saying, “Are you really Xiaoyus friend Did she say anything to you”

Lin Yun shook her head and said, “She doesnt want to say too much about herself.

But she doesnt seem to be very happy, so I thought its because of the conflict with her family…”

The man thought for a moment before nodding.

“Xiao Yu has never liked the living environment at home.”

“My family used to do business on fishing boats.

Most of the time we were at sea.”

“Later on, Xiaoyu heard some rumors from somewhere and kept saying that she wanted to go to Sea City to find someone.”

“Her mother and I couldnt persuade her otherwise, so we let her be.”

“Who knew that there would be no news after she left.”

“Since youre familiar with Xiaoyu, can you help me send a message to her Tell her that the door of the house is always open for her.”

Hearing the mans words, Lin Yuns eyes gradually moistened.

She suddenly blinked and forced back the tears that were about to fall.

“What… happened to you” The man looked at Lin Yun strangely.

Lin Yun shook her head and smiled.

“I would be happy to have parents like you!”

Yes! Lin Yu was too dissatisfied!

Apart from seeing what her home was like, Lin Yun also wanted to know the real reason why Lin Yu left.

However, it was obvious that the Lin family didnt know the reason for Lin Yus departure either.

Moreover, they didnt know that Lin Yu had already “recognized her ancestors”!

Then who told Lin Yu her true identity

Lin Yun was confused, but she didnt get an answer from the Lin family.

Lin Yun was about to leave when the woman who was preparing the dishes ordered the young man behind her to place the dishes on the table.


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