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“Theyre all home-cooked dishes, but I personally cooked them.

Try them!” The womans face was full of smiles as she looked at Lin Yun expectantly.

The young man at the side echoed, “My Aunt Lin doesnt cook often.

Even the Lin brothers havent eaten Aunt Lins personally cooked dishes for a long time!”

The woman rolled her eyes at the young man.

“You talk too much!”

The young man stuck out his tongue, turned around, and ran to the kitchen.

Lin Yun picked up her chopsticks and smiled at the woman.

“Thank you, Auntie! Then I wont stand on ceremony!”

Lin Yun glanced at the man.

The man also reached out his hand, indicating for Lin Yun to try it quickly.

Before Lin Yun could pick up the food with her chopsticks, she heard a voice from the door.

“This scent, is this Moms cooking”

“This familiar taste! I havent eaten it in a long time!” An excited voice sounded, accompanied by quickened footsteps.

Lin Yun froze on the spot, not knowing whether to move the chopsticks in her hand or not.

Just like that, a figure appeared in front of Lin Yun.

Lin Yun narrowed her eyes and looked at the person.

Then, she blinked and frowned.

That person was dressed casually in a T-shirt and pants, with a baseball cap pulled down low.

If Lin Yun hadnt looked at that person from top to bottom, she probably wouldnt have seen that persons true appearance.

“Lin Qian” Lin Yun couldnt help but exclaim.

Lin Qian was originally staring at the food on the plate with a drooling expression.

After hearing Lin Yuns voice, he turned to Lin Yun.

“Do you know me”

Lin Yun couldnt help but sigh.

Such an extremely recognizable voice would probably leave a deep impression on anyone, let alone Lin Yun, who was sensitive to voices!

Lin Yun nodded at Lin Qian.

“Its hard not to know the trump card of Tian Le Records and the idol superstar of the entertainment industry!”

The smile on Lin Qians face deepened.

“Then youre my fan”

Lin Yun paused awkwardly and smiled uncomfortably.

“Im sorry, Im not…”

When Lin Qian heard this, not only was he not angry, he even sat down arrogantly beside the man.

“Thats the best.

You have to keep my appearance a secret!”

Lin Yun didnt expect Lin Qian to have such a reaction and was a little stunned.

Lin Qian was the same as her.

He always wore a mask when he sang, and no one had seen his true face.

She didnt expect him to look so good.

If Lin Yun wasnt sensitive to voices and hadnt studied his songs recently and was familiar with his figure, she wouldnt have recognized him.

The woman slapped Lin Qians arm.

“I was wondering why you were so sloppy all day! When will you become more mature!”

“Look at you! When can I have a daughter-in-law to serve me tea”

Lin Qian, on the other hand, seemed to be used to being “beaten up” by women.

He said nonchalantly, “There is no news on that from Eldest Brother yet, but Mom keeps urging me!”

“He doesnt come home every day.

Youre right in front of me.

If I dont rush you, who will!” The woman growled impatiently.

Lin Qian quickly raised a hand and said, “It wasnt easy for me to go home.”

“Theres Lin Hao!”

When the woman heard this, she slapped Lin Qians back angrily.

“How old is Lin Hao!”

Lin Qian shrugged and said, “Mom, are you planning to let the guest see how you abuse your son”

Only then did the woman remember that Lin Yun was still there.

She quickly restrained herself and smiled at Lin Yun.

“Dont mind him! My son is useless! He wont be useful if he doesnt get beaten up!”

Lin Yun finally understood.

So Lin Qian was the “good-for-nothing” the woman mentioned just now…

Lin Yun didnt know how to respond for a moment.

Instead, Lin Qian waved at the young man watching from afar as if nothing had happened.

“Quick! Get me a pair of chopsticks! I want to have a good meal!”

After saying that, Lin Qian looked at Lin Yun.

“You dont mind”

Lin Yun nodded in a daze.

“Yes, I dont mind…”

The man looked at Lin Qian with a dissatisfied expression.

“How can you speak to your mother like that”

Lin Qian pouted and said, “Dad, can you stop showing off your love in front of your son every day! Ive seen it for decades… Im tired of it!”

“Youre tired of it, but Im not!” The woman snorted and walked to the seat beside the man.

She pulled Lin Qian up.

“Go sit over there! Dont sit beside my husband!”

Lin Qian seemed to be used to it.

He sat beside Lin Yun and smiled bitterly.

“These two show off their love for each other without any bottom line.

Its fine as long as it doesnt affect your appetite!”

Lin Yun nodded silently.

“Yes… it wont…”


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