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As soon as Lin Yun pushed the door open and walked into the cafe, Fu Heng noticed her.

Fu Heng hurriedly stood up and waved at Lin Yun.

Immediately, women in the cafe stared at Lin Yun as if she was their prey.

Lin Yun frowned and couldnt help but shrink her shoulders before walking toward Fu Heng.

After greeting Fu Heng and Ning Hao, Lin Yun sat down at Fu Hengs signal.

Even after sitting down, Lin Yun still felt uncomfortable.

She leaned forward and lowered her voice.

“Is there a gathering here today”

Fu Heng smiled and said, “Its nothing! Its just a small scene.

Dont worry too much.”

With that, Fu Heng gestured for Ning Hao to bring the things up.

Lin Yun looked at the large box in front of her and frowned.

“What… is this”

Fu Heng smiled and said, “My third brother asked me to send it over.

Miss Lin, please accept it.”

Lin Yun frowned.

Clearly, she had no intention of opening the box in front of so many people.

In particular, the pairs of eyes that seemed to want to eat her made her feel uncomfortable.

She suddenly understood why Fu Heng chose to give her these things in such a place.

It was to prevent her from checking carefully!

Lin Yun slowly closed her eyes and took a deep breath before saying, “Mr.

Fu, Im sorry, I cant accept these things!”

Since there was no way to confirm what these things were, she might as well refuse.

Fu Heng looked at Lin Yun with an aggrieved expression.

“Miss Lin, my third brother has given a death order.

If Miss Lin doesnt accept this today, Im afraid Ill be severely punished when I go back!”

Lin Yun was about to speak when the people beside her stared at her intently.

It was as if they would not let her off if she caused this man in front of her to be punished,!

Lin Yun sighed secretly and said, “Mr.

Fu, Im sorry, I really cant accept this…”

Seeing this, Fu Heng hurriedly said, “Miss Lin, I only sent this over as an errand boy.”

“If you dont like it or dont want it, please return it to Third Brother personally.” Fu Heng revealed a sincere smile.

“I think you should be able to contact him.”

Lin Yun was about to refuse when Fu Heng said, “I want to remind Miss Lin that Third Brother especially got someone to prepare everything here.”

“Im not sure if its expensive, but I hope Miss Lin wont let me down.”

After Fu Heng finished speaking, he did not give Lin Yun a chance to think and pulled Ning Hao out quickly.

After walking out of the cafe, Fu Heng didnt even dare to stop to take a breath.

He got into the car.

“Quick, quick, quick! Lets go quickly! We cant let her catch up!”

Lin Yun looked at Fu Heng, who was fleeing outside through the glass window.

She felt amused and helpless at the same time.

She was lost in thought when she suddenly felt the air around her turn cold.

She looked around and saw the women glaring at her.

Lin Yun smiled awkwardly and prepared to leave as soon as possible.

At this moment, a familiar-looking girl walked toward Lin Yun.

Someone with a big butt sat down in the seat opposite her.

“Lin Yun, right Do you know that handsome man just now”

Lin Yun felt uncomfortable when she heard the other partys straightforward question.

This person was really rude.

Especially since the two of them were not familiar with each other.

Lin Yun did not even remember if this person was from her class or if she had just met him by chance in school.

Lin Yun ignored that person and prepared to leave with the gift box in front of her.

But one of them grabbed the gift box, and two women blocked Lin Yuns path.

“Sister Qiong is asking you a question.

Are you leaving just like that” A tall and strong girl stood in front of Lin Yun and said in an unfriendly tone.

Lin Yun couldnt help but roll her eyes.

She didnt expect to meet the so-called “school tyrant” on such an occasion.

No wonder she felt that this Sister Qiong looked familiar.

This person had used her familys power to bully “low-level” students like Jin Ying in school.

It was said that Sister Qiongs family was a rich businessman in Southeast Asia.

As for how he became rich, there were all kinds of rumors in school.

However, Lin Yun usually didnt care about these things.

Moreover, with the Lin familys status in Sea City, Sister Qiong had never caused trouble for Lin Yun.


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