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Lin Yuns wheedling made Mrs.

Xus heart ache even more.

“Just you wait, Aunt Xu will go buy it now!”

“Its just a little far.

Have some fruit first.

Ill be back soon!”

After saying that, Aunt Xu picked up her bag and walked out.

After Mrs.

Xu left, Lin Yun carried the laptop on her lap again.

“Next, its time to do something serious!”

As Lin Yun spoke, she opened the address column and entered a string of strange codes.

“Welcome to Wing World!”

The web page jumped and a huge black wing appeared on the computer screen.

Lin Yun did not move immediately but waited quietly.

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After a while, a blinking dialog box popped up from the backstage.

“Hello, stranger!”

“Hello, Luna!” Lin Yun typed into the chat box.

Before Lin Yun could send her message, the other party had already replied, “How did you know I was Luna”

Lin Yun smirked.

“Trade secret!”

Before she could press the send button, the other party replied again.

“Cool! I like this way of talking!”

“What do you think”

“If you could give me a chance to press the send button, I would be even happier!”

The smile on Lin Yuns face deepened as she felt a sense of relaxation that she hadnt felt in a long time.

The dialog box flickered again, revealing the head of a cat with its tongue out.

“The first step has been approved!”

Lin Yun tapped lightly on the keyboard.

“What is the clearance mission”

The cat turned and became an envelope.

Lin Yun clicked on the mouse and opened the envelope.

“Hello, stranger.

Before leaving your name, please accept your mission challenge!”

“Dont ask why! This is the rule of the Alternate World!”

“Only successful people can leave their names!”

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“Alright! Your next task i

Lin Yun carefully read every piece of information.

Her mood was exactly the same as when she first accepted the mission in her previous life!

“I wonder if the mission is the same!” Lin Yun was suddenly filled with anticipation as she quickly browsed through the mission terms.


She let out a low cry, clearly excited.

In her previous life, when she applied to join, this was the same mission…

“Break the Lu Corporations security system!”

It was said that ever since Lu Chen took over the Lu Corporation, the security system had been encrypted multiple times.

Not only did they introduce high-tech security systems from abroad, but they also heavily reinforced the network system.

It was said that there was a hacker team overseas that wanted to break through the Lu Corporations firewall, but it took them three days and three nights to succeed!

In her previous life, Lin Yun had also spent a tremendous amount of effort to complete this mission.

Fortunately, at that time, the leader of the Lu Corporation had already been replaced by someone else.

As the security system was not updated in time, it gave Lin Yun an opportunity.

Now that Lu Chen had just gotten into trouble, Lin Yun could not tell if the Lu Corporations security system still had the same loophole.

However, this mission still made her hands uncontrollably excited.

After accepting the mission, Lin Yun opened the hidden system in the notebook without hesitation.

She rotated her wrist and moved her fingers before quickly typing a series of codes on the keyboard.

Her fingers were agile and fast.

If someone beside her were to look at it, they would probably be amazed that her fingers seemed to only leave afterimages on the keyboard.

“Tsk!” Lin Yun secretly gritted her teeth.

“This guy actually appeared at this time!”

Lin Yun cried out in her heart.

She had been targeted when she hacked into the security system.

Fortunately, she had disguised herself a few times and had not been caught.

As she shuttled through the Lu Corporations security network, Lin Yun kept leaving her code traps in every corner.

In order to prevent the people tracking her from discovering her scheme, she had even deliberately set up some diversionary tactics to mislead those people.

Two hours later, Lin Yun finally hit “enter”.

She let out a breath, slowly raised her arms, and stretched.

“Congratulations on clearing the level!”

“Welcome to Wing World!”

The dialog box immediately popped up.

Lin Yun smiled brightly.

She thought for a moment and lightly typed her name on the keyboard—Dark One.

She had taken a trip to the Netherworld.

From now on, she was the Dark One!

It was the Dark One, who had parted the chaos and regained glory!


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