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Jin Ying happened to walk in at this moment.

When she saw Ellie, her eyes lit up.

“Youre Ellie! Designer Ellie!”

Ellie turned to look at Jin Ying and then at Lin Yun.

“This is the friend you mentioned, right Shes really cute!”

“You know me” Ellie asked Jin Ying with a smile.

Jin Ying nodded vigorously.

“I like your work very much! I really didnt expect to have the chance to see you in person!”

Jin Ying carried her gown and jogged to Ellie.

“I asked Dad to invite you many times, but you didnt agree.”

Jin Ying lowered her head in frustration.

“Many times” Ellie frowned.

“Whos your father”

“My fathers name is Jin Fu!” Jin Ying said with a cute smile.

“Ah,” Ellie said.

“So its that…”

She swallowed the “nouveau riche” that was about to come to her mouth.

She quickly put on a warm smile and said, “If I had known that your father had such a cute daughter and that you invited me, I would have agreed long ago!”

That nouveau riche Jin Fu had indeed sent her several invitations.

At that time, Ellie thought that he had ill intentions toward her.

It turned out that he was just an old father who doted on his daughter!

Jin Ying was extremely excited to see Ellie.

Lin Yun said to Ellie, “Jin Ying is going to the cocktail party too.

Help her match a suitable gown.”

“Little girl, are you going to the cocktail party too Have you found a partner Do you want me to help you find one” The more Ellie spoke, the more excited she became.

However, she found an obedient and cute little girl.

Jin Ying was about to speak when someone walked out of the fitting room on the other side.

“Im ready.”

Lin Yun and the others turned around and saw Feng Hao in a suit.

“Yo, I didnt expect this kid to dress up so well!” Wang Qi couldnt help but praise.

Lin Yun looked at Feng Hao and couldnt help but nod in admiration.

“Feng Hao, this suit suits you very well!”

He was wearing a black suit with dark patterns.

It was not a formal suit.

The collar was wide, and he looked a little casual.

But it was more suitable for the young Feng Hao.

Feng Hao was tall, to begin with, so he looked even more energetic in a suit.

Ellie looked at the well-dressed Feng Hao and blinked.

She abandoned Jin Ying and rushed to Feng Hao.

“Kid, are you interested in being my model”

Feng Hao was stunned for a moment.

He clearly did not expect to encounter such a situation.

Lin Yun pulled Ellie aside.

“Hes going to be a police officer in the future.

He doesnt have time to be your model!”

“Is the uniform tempting” Ellies eyes fluttered, and she looked even more interested.

Lin Yun smiled bitterly.

“He really wants to become a police officer! Dont think too much!”

“Alright! Feng Haos outfit is not bad.

We have to confirm an outfit for Jin Ying now.” Lin Yun turned to look at Jin Ying again.

“Leave it to me!” Ellie patted her chest with a smile and walked to the clothes rack to choose a golden gown.

They had rejected this gown from the beginning.

After all, such a luxurious and dazzling gown was not something an ordinary person could wear.

“Dont worry! You have to trust my judgment! Go and try it on!” Ellie gestured with her chin at Jin Ying to quickly try it on.

She also matched Jin Ying with shoes and accessories of the same color.

When Jin Ying walked into the fitting room again, Ellie turned to look at Lin Yun and Wang Qi.

“What about the two of you ”

Hearing Ellie mention this, Wang Qi immediately pulled her towards the gift box Lin Yun had placed at the side.

“Someone gave Xiao Yun a beautiful gown! Do you want to take a look Theres also jewelry to match!” Wang Qi encouraged Ellie.

When Ellie heard this, she turned to look at Lin Yun.

“Can I take a look I want to see what the person who sent the gift has to say.”

Lin Yun smiled bitterly and walked forward to open the gift box for the two of them.

She knew that even if she didnt agree, they would find a way to make her show it.

Ellie lifted the gown out of the gift box and took a look.

She couldnt help but be shocked.

“Isnt this the work of the internationally famous designer, Lee”

“Ive seen such a draft once.

Later, I heard that he specially designed it for a very important friend…” As Ellie spoke, she turned to look at Lin Yun with some confusion.

“Was it you”


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