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When Lin Yun heard Ellies words, her eyes widened.

She waved her hand desperately and said, “Its not me!”

Ellie looked at Lin Yun suspiciously and thought for a moment before saying, “Then the person who obtained this gown gave it to you!”

“Xiao Yun, youve made a killing this time!” Ellie said excitedly.

“Lees works are really hard to come by! Even if you have money, you might not be able to buy them!”

Lin Yun frowned and thought for a long time.

In her memory, Lu Chen did not know this designer.

Then how did he get this gown

Just as Lin Yun was feeling strange, Wang Qi had already taken out the jewelry box .

She placed the jewelry box in front of Ellie, and Ellie exclaimed again, “Isnt this… isnt… how is this possible!”

Ellie looked at the jewelry and then at Lin Yun.

“You were also there when this set of jewelry was auctioned! Do you know… this…”

Lin Yun looked at Ellies incoherent state and nodded in resignation.

“I know the value of this set of jewelry and who its owner is.”

“So the dress and jewelry were given to you by that person” Ellies eyes revealed her disbelief.

Lin Yun nodded and couldnt help but sigh.

“You knew the man When” Ellie was suddenly curious.

Lin Yun put the jewelry and gown away in the gift box again before saying, “This is a long story.”

Wang Qi grabbed Lin Yuns hand that was about to cover the gift box.

“Try it! Such a beautiful gown and jewelry.”

Lin Yun shook her head.

“I dont intend to wear these to the cocktail party.

Its too ostentatious!”

Ellie agreed.

“Indeed, these things are not appropriate for that occasion.”

“But… you can wear it for us to see first!” Ellies expression immediately changed as she stood on the same side as Wang Qi.

At this moment, Jin Ying walked out of the fitting room.

Her smaller figure did not make the golden gown look tacky.

Instead, she looked like a doll filled with golden decorations and looked especially likable.

The moment she walked out, Ellie and Wang Qi couldnt help but exclaim, “How beautiful!”

Jin Yings face turned red from their praise, making her look as cute as a white porcelain doll.

She tilted her head and looked at the gift box in Lin Yuns hand.

“Xiao Yun, do you want to try on the gown Hurry up and go.

I want to see it too!”

Lin Yun couldnt stand their pestering and could only enter the fitting room with the gift box.

Wang Qi and Ellie sat on the sofa and looked at the couple.

“These two really look like a pair!” Ellie couldnt help but tease.

“Right! I have the same sentiment!” Wang Qi said as she winked at the two of them.

When Jin Ying heard this, she immediately felt shy and walked toward the dressing table.

“Sister Ellie, can you help me work on my hair”

Ellie quickly got up and walked over.

“Alright, alright! Ill help you!”

Feng Hao tugged at his clothes uncomfortably and walked to the bar on the other side to sit down.

Wang Qi gestured with her chin at Feng Hao and said, “Arent you going to invite such a good female companion”

Feng Hao sat there awkwardly.

“Its… my first time attending a cocktail party.”

Wang Qi sighed helplessly.

“How can you woo a girl like this! Youre so stupid!”

Ignoring them, Wang Qi picked up her phone and started scrolling.

Just as she was reading the messages, a call came in.

Wang Qi looked at the number and her expression turned ugly.

She picked up the phone impatiently.

“What can I do for you”

“Child, is this how you talk to your father!” Wang Long said angrily.

Wang Qi couldnt help but roll her eyes.

“If theres nothing else, Ill hang up.”

“Sigh! You …” Before Wang Long could finish his sentence, Wang Qi had already hung up.

After a few seconds, Wang Qis phone rang again.

She picked up the phone and said in a cold voice before the other party could speak, “Speak your mind.”

Wang Long secretly held his breath, but he had to complete his fathers instructions.

“Your grandfather asked you to go home tonight.

Your family has arranged a male companion for the cocktail party for you.

Meet him.”

Wang Qi took a deep breath impatiently and said, “Got it.”

Before Wang Long could say anything, Wang Qi had already hung up.

This time, Wang Long did not call again.

As Lin Yun walked out of the fitting room, she saw Wang Qi sitting on the sofa with an impatient look.


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