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Lin Yun hung up the phone with an ugly expression.

“Aunt called” Wang Qi sat at the side and roughly knew the purpose of this call.

Lin Yun nodded and picked up the tablet beside her to look at it.

Over the past two days, Ji Rou had sent some new ideas.

She still had a lot of work to do and did not have time to care about Wang Lans strange requests.

“What did she say She told you not to attend the cocktail party” Wang Qi leaned towards Lin Yun curiously.

Lin Yun shook her head as she gestured on the tablet.

“On the contrary.”

“Huh” Wang Qi was stunned.

“She wants me to attend the cocktail party with them,” Lin Yun said indifferently, her emotions unreadable.

Wang Qi was even more puzzled.

“Whats going on”

“Shouldnt she be asking you to avoid attending an event with Zheng Yu present Is she going to…” Wang Qi couldnt help but scratch her head.

“Could it be that she wants to declare her sovereignty in front of you ”

Lin Yun put down the tablet and turned to face Wang Qi.

“Im not sure what shes thinking, but I think this should be one of the reasons.”

“She probably asked me to go back to the Lin family to cause me some trouble.” Lin Yun shrugged.

She had long understood Wang Lans tricks.

“Then are you still going back” Although Wang Qi knew that Wang Lan could not hurt Lin Yun, she was still a little worried.

“Of course! If we dont go back, wouldnt we be exposed” Lin Yun shrugged.

She glanced at Wang Qis worried expression and smiled.

“Dont worry, Im not that stupid.

I wont be affected by them.”

Wang Qi thought for a while before saying, “No, Ill go back with you!”

“I want to see what else Aunt can do.” Wang Qi looked like she wanted to share Lin Yuns hatred.

Lin Yun couldnt help but laugh.

“You look like your aunt has let you down.”

“I just…” Wang Qi suddenly paused.

She just couldnt stand her aunts family treating their daughter like this because of their blood relationship.

Even if

they were not related by blood, what about more than ten years of relationship

This reminded her of her biological parents, a couple who had never cared about their daughter for their own selfish interests since they were young!

Wang Qi couldnt help but lower her head.

Lin Yun looked at Wang Qis listless appearance and quickly comforted her.

“Alright! Lets go back together! Coincidentally, Ive been wanting to eat Chef Lis cooking for a long time.”

“After leaving that house, I still miss that familiar taste the most…” As Lin Yun spoke, she made an exaggerated swallowing gesture.

Wang Qi was amused by her.

“Alright! Who doesnt know that your stomach has been bad since you were young How much can you eat!”

Seeing that Wang Qi had seen through her “lie”, Lin Yun only chuckled.

Aunt Xu stood not far away and watched the two of them chat, but she looked worried.

… .

“Brother Qian, theres news.” Lin Qians assistant, Hao Ping, walked into Lin Qians lounge and said anxiously.

Lin Qian looked at Hao Pings excited and nervous expression and raised his eyebrows slightly.

“This time, it had better be true!”

Hao Ping scratched the back of his head and chuckled in embarrassment.

“Dont worry! This news will be real!”

“If its fake news again, Ill let you go back and feel the Empress Dowagers love!” Lin Qian couldnt help but complain.

Hao Ping quickly walked forward and placed the tablet in Lin Qians hand.

“This is the material for the singer talent show youre about to participate in.”

Lin Qian frowned slightly.

He could tell that she was a little impatient.

“Whats so good about this talent show! If it werent for Fu Heng chasing me every day, I wouldnt want to be a guest judge!”

“Brother Qian, you really have to go this time!” Hao Ping said excitedly.

“I know!” Lin Qian looked dissatisfied.

“The contract has been signed.”

“Its not because of that!” Hao Ping pointed out one of the contestants information to Lin Qian.

“Brother Qian, is this your sister!”

When Lin Qian heard Hao Ping mention his sister, he quickly looked at the contestants information.

“The daughter of the Lin family… Lin Yu” Lin Qian looked at the familiar face in the photo and then at the introduction on the information.

This face was indeed his sister who had run away from home…

But what was going on with this daughter of the Lin family


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