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“Why did you suddenly think of attending the cocktail party You have to tell me the reason so that I can make arrangements.” Fu Heng suddenly thought of something and asked curiously.

“Looking for someone,” Lin Qian replied simply, not wanting to hide anything.

“Who are you looking for” Fu Heng was even more puzzled.

“Sister.” Lin Qian instantly became taciturn.

Fu Heng was silent for a while before saying, “Alright! Ill arrange it.

See you on the day of the cocktail party!”

Lin Qian hung up the phone and instructed Hao Ping, “Cancel all your schedules on the day of the cocktail party.”

Hao Ping stood at the side and said happily, “Its been settled long ago!”

Lin Qian glanced at Hao Ping.

“Why havent I seen you so active in your work!”

Hao Ping chuckled, his eyes filled with anticipation.

Lin Qian raised his eyebrows.

“Are you planning to… attend the cocktail party with me”

“Ah” When Hao Ping heard Lin Qians words, he couldnt help but cry.

“Brother Qian, are you not planning to bring me along!”

Lin Qian looked like his evil plan had succeeded.

“Ill help you! Seeing that youre so enthusiastic about helping me keep an eye on Xiaoyu!”

“Go prepare some suitable clothes yourself… and prepare a gift for me!” Lin Qian thought for a moment before saying.

Hao Ping received the instructions and ran out anxiously.

Lin Qian looked at Hao Pings back and couldnt help but shake his head with a bitter smile.

This kid had followed him all the way from the fishing village until now.

His rash personality had not changed at all!

… .

Seeing that they were about to reach the Lin familys entrance, Lin Yun saw Zheng Songs car parked not far away.

Had the Zheng family come to the Lin family

Along the way, Lin Yun was thinking about the past few days.

She felt that there was something she had overlooked.

Was there another reason why the Zheng family was in a hurry to announce the engagement with the Lin family

Wang Lan called her back just to take the opportunity to remind her not to cause trouble at the cocktail party

The more Lin Yun thought about it, the more she felt that there was more to it.

Especially since Zheng Yu had looked for her several times a few days ago.

It seemed like something had happened between her and Lin Yu.

It was as if he had disappeared into thin air again in the past two days!

Lin Yun was wondering why Zheng Yu seemed to have stopped for the past few days when her phone rang.

She glanced at the caller ID and sighed…

Speak of the devil!

Lin Yun hesitated for a moment before hanging up.

The car happened to stop outside the Lin family residence.

Lin Yun and Wang Qi walked into the house together and saw Lin Yu chatting with Jin Shan and Wang Lan.

The three of them chatted and laughed, but they stopped when they saw Lin Yun.

Lin Yun bowed to Wang Lan and Jin Shan.

“Auntie Zheng, Mom, Im back.”

Jin Shan smiled awkwardly.

“Xiao Yun is back! You must be tired!”

Seeing that Jin Shan had spoken, Wang Lan didnt want to be too cold.

She said to Lin Yun and Wang Qi, “You guys are tired.

Go back to your rooms and rest first.”

“Mom will look for you in your room later,” Wang Lan said in a cold tone, as if she was treating a stranger.

“Sister, Cousin, youre back!” Lin Yu still looked obedient and pleasant.

Her hand was held by Jin Shan, and she looked like she was in a difficult position.

Lin Yun and Wang Qi looked at each other and chuckled.

Just as the two of them left, they heard Wang Lans voice behind them.

“How rude!”

Wang Qi was about to turn around and answer when Lin Yun stopped her.

Lin Yun picked up the phone and called Zheng Yu back.

When Zheng Yu picked up the call, she said, “Brother Zheng Yu, did you call me just now I didnt hear you.

Whats the matter”

Lin Yuns voice was not loud, but it reached the ears of the three women.

She heard the sound of glasses knocking and Lin Yus low cry from the living room.

Wang Lan and Jin Shan immediately asked Lin Yu if she was injured.

Lin Yun and Wang Qi continued walking towards Lin Yuns room amidst the chaos.

Zheng Yu didnt expect Lin Yun to call back.

The call just now was mercilessly rejected by Lin Yun.

Zheng Yu was thinking of a way to meet Lin Yun.

Therefore, when Lin Yun called, Zheng Yu was a little excited.

“Xiao Yun, youre finally willing to answer my call!” Zheng Yus voice even sounded a little plaintive.

“I thought you didnt want to talk to me anymore!”


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