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Lin Yun walked into the room and closed the door.

She continued, “Whats the matter”

“No matter what, I want to see you before the cocktail party!” Zheng Yu said anxiously, as if he urgently needed to confirm something with Lin Yun.

“Sorry, I dont think I can do that.” Lin Yun refused without hesitation again.

“Are you going to give up on our relationship after so many years” Zheng Yu still refused to give up.

Lin Yun closed her eyes in frustration and only opened them after a while.

“Zheng Yu, youre about to get engaged.

Dont you think its inappropriate for you to harass me now”

Zheng Yu seemed a little anxious and wanted to explain, “Xiao Yun, listen to me.

Its not what you think!”

“Lin Yu and I, Lin Yu and I are just…” Zheng Yus voice sounded very anxious, and there was a rumbling sound around him.

As soon as she walked into the Lin family, Lin Yun noticed that Zheng Yu definitely didnt come to the Lin family with Zheng Song and his wife.

But where exactly was he now

Why was his surrounding so chaotic

“Where are you now” Lin Yun heard the increasing noise beside Zheng Yu and her tone was a little hesitant.

“Im in the fishing village now…” Zheng Yus voice sounded a little smug.” Dont worry, Ill find your biological parents.

When the time comes… ”


Lin Yun frowned.

“How would you know where my biological parents are”

“Lin Yu told me.

She told me before that I would definitely be able to find it!” Zheng Yu emphasized again.

“I will definitely let your biological parents witness that most important moment!”

“Alright, I wont talk to you anymore! I want…” Zheng Yus voice was drowned out by the noise.

Lin Yun frowned even more when she heard the voice on the phone stop.

“Whats wrong” Wang Qi sat beside Lin Yun and asked worriedly when she saw that something was wrong.

Lin Yun narrowed her eyes slightly before throwing the phone aside and lying on the bed.

Seeing that Lin Yun did not speak, Wang Qi did not dare to ask further.

She could only sit at the side and wait quietly.

It was still the same as before…

It was as if nothing had changed…

What would come would come!

In the end, they still had to walk towards that situation!

Lin Yun couldnt help but smile bitterly.

Lin Yun sat up and looked at the worried Wang Qi.

She smiled and said, “Its nothing! However, there should be a good show on the day of the cocktail party!”

Wang Qi did not know what Lin Yun meant and could only sit at the side and look at her quietly.

Lin Yun thought for a moment and stood up to walk to her dressing table.

She took out a bracelet that was not very eye-catching from a small jewelry box.

Lin Yun placed the bracelet at her wrist and shook her head.

“What is this” Wang Qi leaned over and asked curiously.

“He brought me a gift when I was still his future fiancée.” Lin Yun put away the bracelet.

Those were days that could never be returned.

Therefore, she did not take these things with her when she left!

The two of them stayed in the room for a while before Wang Lan pushed the door open and walked in.

Wang Qi was shocked and almost jumped up and exclaimed, “Aunt, didnt you knock when you entered someones room”

Wang Lan glanced at Wang Qi and said, “This is the Lin familys residence.

Do I need to knock on the door to go anywhere”

Seeing how righteous Wang Lan was, it seemed like Wang Qi and Lin Yun did not know the rules.

Wang Qi curled her lips and walked out of the room under Lin Yuns signal.

“Ill take a walk in the garden.

You guys chat first.”

The purpose of coming here today was not to fall out with the Lin family.

Lin Yun had other plans, and Wang Qi did not intend to ruin her plan.

Only Wang Lan and Lin Yun were left in the room.

Wang Lan sat on the sofa and looked at Lin Yun, who was sitting on the chair.

Suddenly, her expression changed to one of love.

“Xiao Yun, have you been well recently”

Lin Yun did not expect Wang Lan to adopt a gentle strategy.

She only nodded and followed her words.

“Not bad.

Mom, are you alright”

Wang Lan sighed and said, “Ive been busy with Xiaoyus engagement these days and cant sleep well.”

“Then lets invite Dr.

Fang over to take a look,” Lin Yun said sincerely.

“Sigh, lets not talk about such a small matter.

Ill probably recover naturally after Xiaoyu gets engaged,” Wang Lan said and sighed slightly.

Lin Yun knew that Wang Lan was deliberately reminding her not to ruin Lin Yus engagement.

However, Lin Yun could not guarantee who would ruin this engagement in the end…

The only thing she was sure of was that Lin Yus engagement would not proceed as planned!


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