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As the two of them were chatting, there was a knock on the door.

Wang Lan seemed to have expected this.

She said to the door, “Xiao Yu Come in.”

Lin Yu pushed open the door and walked in.

She was carrying an exquisite gift box.

Lin Yun glanced at the gift box and laughed disdainfully in her heart.

In her previous life, when she had willingly watched Lin Yu and Zheng Yu get engaged, Lin Yu had also used such a gift box to gift her a gown.

However, not long after the engagement cocktail party began, the strap of the dress suddenly broke.

In her panic, many people took some exposed photos of Lin Yun, so she was unwilling to go out and see anyone for a long time.

Unexpectedly, this mother and daughter actually wanted to use the same trick again.

How unoriginal!

Lin Yun didnt reveal much on the surface.

She just smiled at Lin Yu.

“Xiaoyu, long time no see.”

“I havent seen you in school recently.

You… seem to be very busy” Lin Yun said as she quietly waited for Lin Yus reaction.

Lin Yus expression changed.

Lin Yun had long figured out that Lin Yu hadnt gone to school recently.

It wasnt that the school didnt have classes, but Lin Yu and her “little friends” were busy eating, drinking, and having fun everywhere.

How could they be in the mood to go to class

All these were revealed to Lin Yun by Jin Ying, the gossip queen.

From Lin Yus expression, it was obvious that the Lin couple didnt know about this situation.

Seeing that Lin Yu seemed a little nervous, Wang Lan hurriedly said, “Dont you have a gift for your sister Hurry up and show it to her!”

With Wang Lan helping her, Lin Yu heaved a sigh of relief.

Wang Lan did not care much about whether she went to class or not.

As long as she could marry into the Zheng family as she wished, Wang Lans wish would be fulfilled.

Lin Yu handed the gift box to Lin Yun.

“This is the gown Mom and I specially chose for you.

Look, do you like it”

Lin Yun calmly took the gift box and opened it under their gazes.

The moment the gift box was opened, Lin Yuns expression changed.

This was not the pink gown they had tampered with in her previous life.

Instead, it was a pure black gown…

Lin Yun couldnt help but be stunned.

What was different

Then where did this gown come from

Lin Yun took out the gown and checked it carefully, but she did not find anything wrong.

When Lin Yu saw Lin Yun looking at the gown, a disdainful expression appeared on her face.

“Sister, this is the work of an international designer.

Im afraid youve… never seen it before”

“Its Dads fault too.

Why didnt he buy you a few decent gowns in the past!”

Hearing Lin Yus words, Wang Lan smiled and said, “Your father bought many gowns for your sister previously, but she doesnt like to participate in these events and doesnt have many opportunities to wear them.

Naturally, she doesnt know these international famous designers.”

Lin Yun listened to Wang Lan and her daughters conversation.

Did they treat her as a country girl who had never seen the world

Could it be that they had forgotten that she had been pampered by the Lin family for more than ten years And Lin Yu was the fishing village girl who had never seen the world since she was young!

However, Lin Yun couldnt be bothered to argue with them about these things.

She still needed to settle the matter of the gown first.

“Mom, this gown is very beautiful, but I had heard that Im going to a cocktail party and have already prepared a gown…” As Lin Yun spoke, she was about to return the gift box to Lin Yu.

If it was the one in her previous life, Lin Yun naturally had a way to resolve it.

But this one…

To be safe, it was better to reject it directly!

Lin Yu refused to accept the gift box and looked at Wang Lan.

“Mom, is Sister still angry with me since she is not accepting my kindness”

When Wang Lan heard this, she hurriedly looked at Lin Yu reproachfully.

“What nonsense are you talking about! Your sister has always been the most sensible!”

“Why would she be angry with you over such a small matter Besides, your sister knew about your engagement with Zheng Yu a long time ago! She wont be angry about these things!”

She grabbed Lin Yuns hand and said, “Mom knows that weve neglected you in the distant suburbs.”

“Your sisters engagement party is a big deal for our family.

Nothing must go wrong.”

“Mom doesnt think you have time to prepare a gown.

This gown is a masterpiece and a gift from your sister, so just accept it!”

Wang Lans words were so pertinent that Lin Yun was almost moved to tears.


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