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However, Lin Yun was no longer as silly as she was in her previous life.

She lowered her head slightly and said to Lin Yu, “This gift is too expensive.

Why dont you keep it for yourself I already have a gown to wear, so I definitely wont embarrass the Lin family!”

Seeing that they could not persuade Lin Yun, Lin Yun and Wang Lan exchanged glances, as if they were planning something.

After a while, Lin Yu said again, “Sister must still be angry with me! If Sister really forgives me, she will definitely accept this gown!”

As Lin Yu spoke, she actually whimpered and cried.

Lin Yun was surprised to see Lin Yu crying.

She didnt expect Lin Yu to be able to use such a move against her!

If this was her previous life, Lin Yun would have long panicked and thought that she had committed a heinous crime!

Lin Yun lowered her eyes slightly, waiting for Wang Lan to speak.

As expected, Wang Lan gently pulled Lin Yuns hand and said, “Xiao Yun, are you still blaming Mom for being biased towards Xiao Yu Mom knows.

I went overboard talking to you a while ago.

But you have to understand Mom.

After all, Xiaoyu has been separated from us for so many years.

She has suffered so much…”

As Wang Lan spoke, tears flowed down her face.

She wiped her tears and continued, “Moms heart really aches!”

“Thats why I wanted to give as much good stuff as possible to Xiaoyu.

Im sorry for making you sad.”

Lin Yun listened to Wang Lans sincere “apology” and tried her best not to laugh.

If this mother and daughter pair didnt participate in an awards ceremony, it would be a waste of their outstanding acting skills!

Lin Yun tried her best to control her emotions and did not reply to Wang Lan immediately.

Wang Lan and Lin Yu were a little flustered.

Just as Wang Lan was hesitating about how to persuade Lin Yun, Lin Yun raised her head.

“Mom, I understand.

Ill accept this gown.”

As Lin Yun spoke, she placed the dress box on her lap and accepted it.

Lin Yu and Wang Lan looked at each other, and a look of success flashed across their eyes.

Lin Yun pretended not to see it.

She lowered her head and looked at the gown carefully.

She did not forget to praise, “This gown is so beautiful! I wont bear to wear it!”

Seeing this, Lin Yu quickly walked forward and said, “Sister, I hope you can attend the banquet in this gown no matter what!”

Lin Yun looked up at Lin Yu and said slowly, “Do you really want that”

Lin Yu looked at Lin Yuns gaze which seemed to be able to see through everything and suddenly panicked.

Her eyes flickered for a moment before she immediately stared into Lin Yuns eyes.

“Really! I hope so!”

Lin Yun nodded slowly and smiled.

“Alright! As you wish!”

Lin Yu heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Then, Sister, rest well.

Auntie Zheng is still waiting for me.”

Wang Lan also stood up and said, “Xiao Yun, rest for a while.

Mom will call someone to call you when the meal is ready.”

Lin Yun nodded and did not say anything.

After the two of them left the room, Lin Yun placed the gift box on the table.

After a while, Wang Qi walked back with a sad expression.

“Whats wrong” Lin Yun asked with concern.

“Aunt is really petty.

She just secretly called Old Master and ordered me to go back!” Wang Qi snorted with a dissatisfied expression.

Lin Yun smiled and said, “Then go back first! You have to go back!”

Wang Qi frowned.

“Then what about you”

Lin Yun pointed in the direction of the gift box with her chin and said, “There! Its because of that thing that made me come back!”

“I can handle my own matters! Dont worry!”

Wang Qi walked to the table and looked at the gown in the box.

Her eyes were filled with confusion.

“What are they doing Why are they giving gifts”

“Could there be a problem with this gown”

Lin Yun shook her head.

“I havent detected anything yet.

Lets talk about it when we get back!”

Wang Qi nodded and picked up her backpack.

“Then wait for me here.

Ill be back soon!”

Lin Yun stood up to send Wang Qi off.

Just as she reached the door, she saw Zheng Yu rushing over.

He had clearly been ordered by his father to rush over.

Therefore, when he saw Lin Yun and Wang Qi standing at the door, he was first shocked before he grinned.


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