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“Xiao Yun, youre here too!” Zheng Yu greeted Lin Yun warmly.

“Why didnt you tell me you were coming… I…” As Zheng Yu spoke, he saw that Lin Yun and Wang Qi seemed to be about to walk out.

He hurriedly said,” Are you leaving ”

Before Lin Yun could respond, Lin Yu had already walked over.

“Brother Zheng Yu, what took you so long” Lin Yu walked to Zheng Yus side shyly, as if she didnt see Lin Yun and the other woman.

“Auntie Zheng has been talking about you for a long time.

Come in with me!”

Zheng Yu was pulled by Lin Yu, but he refused to walk forward.

“Xiaoyun, that…”

Only then did Lin Yu seem to have noticed Lin Yun.

“Aiya, Sister, Cousin, where are you going”

Seeing Lin Yus belated look, Wang Qi couldnt help but sneer.

“My good cousin, were you blind just now Or are we invisible Your lack of respect for others makes me admire you!”

Lin Yu didnt feel ashamed at all after being mocked.

Instead, she smiled and said, “I heard that Brother Zheng Yu had arrived and was in a hurry to pick him up, so I didnt notice you.”

Lin Yun naturally didnt comment on this.

After all, she was already used to Lin Yus behavior.

“Go ahead and get busy.

Otherwise, Grandpa will be angry.” Lin Yun smiled and pushed Wang Qi out, ignoring Lin Yu and Zheng Yu.

Lin Yu gritted her teeth and pulled Zheng Yu in.

Zheng Yu turned around and looked at Lin Yun as if Lin Yu was the bad person who separated him and Lin Yun.


After Lin Yun sent Wang Qi away, Lin Yu and Zheng Yu had already disappeared from the hall.

Lin Yun walked back to her room and waited quietly.

It was just the prelude to the storm just now.

A big show would probably happen at the dining table later.

However, Lin Yun was already prepared.

No matter what they planned to do, she just had to be obedient.

At dinnertime, the Lin family of four and the Zheng family of three sat neatly at the dining table.

For a moment, they were a little awkward.

Zheng Yu glanced at Lin Yun from time to time, looking like he wanted to say something but hesitated.

Zheng Song, on the other hand, glared at Zheng Yu with a reprimanding gaze, letting him understand his identity and not do anything overboard.

Jin Shan had a good impression of Lin Yun in the past, but ever since Lin Yuns identity as a fake heiress was exposed, Jin Shan was worried that Lin Yun would cling to her son, so she became wary of her.

On the Lin familys side, Lin Cheng sat on the main seat.

Seeing that Lin Yun seemed to have lost a lot of weight, he frowned slightly.

If the outside world knew that Lin Yun had left the Lin family residence and was getting thinner, it would be inevitable that rumors would spread that the Lin family treated Lin Yun badly.

This was very disadvantageous to the Lin familys reputation.

Wang Lan had to worry about Jin Shan and keep an eye on Lin Yu.

It seemed a little distracting to multitask.

Lin Yu stared fixedly at Zheng Yu.

Occasionally, she would glance at Lin Yun angrily, but she quickly retracted her gaze.

The meal ended in this strange and lively atmosphere.

Lin Yun ate her fill and could be considered to have relieved her craving for the chefs cooking at home.

Just as she put down her bowl and chopsticks, Lin Yun said to Lin Cheng and the others, “Dad, Mom, Uncle Zheng, Auntie Zheng, if theres nothing else, I still have something to deal with at school.

Ill go back first.”

Zheng Song was satisfied with Lin Yuns actions.

After all, her appearance in the Lin family made everyone uncomfortable.

Zheng Song already felt that it was a little inappropriate for the Lin couple to ask her to come back today.

“Xiao Yun, you have to arrive early on the day of the cocktail party.

Uncle Zheng will arrange a good seat for you,” Zheng Song said happily.

“Thank you, Uncle Zheng! Ill definitely go over early.” Lin Yun smiled obediently, as carefree as before as if she was not affected by her change in identity at all.

Wang Lan couldnt wait for Lin Yun to leave, so she stood up and said, “Ill get the kitchen to pack some snacks for you.

Dont tire yourself out.”

Lin Cheng looked at Lin Yun worriedly.

“Xiao Yun has lost a lot of weight recently.

You have to take care of your body.”

“Remember to come back for dinner often,” Lin Cheng reminded again.

Lin Yun nodded and walked out with the things Wang Lan had asked someone to pack.

At this moment, Zheng Yu said, “Xiao Yun, Ill send you off.”


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