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Zheng Yus words instantly made the atmosphere become awkward again.

Lin Yu gritted her teeth and said, “Ill send Sister off with you.”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows and did not refuse.

The three of them walked to the door.

Zheng Song frowned, looking like he wanted to say something to Lin Yun but couldnt because Lin Yu was present.

Lin Yu naturally wouldnt leave at this time.

Instead, she hugged Zheng Yus hand tightly and pressed her body against his, looking loving.

Lin Yun smiled and said, “You guys go back first.

Wang Qi is here.

Ill go back first.”

After Lin Yun finished speaking, she walked out of the house without giving the two of them a chance to speak.

After walking for more than ten minutes, Lin Yun stopped.

She took a deep breath and looked at the gift box that Wang Lan had stuffed into her hand in a “timely” manner with a mocking smile.

“They were really worried that I wont fall into their trap!” Lin Yun shook her head and smiled bitterly.

“I wonder what theyre planning.”

Lin Yun called Wang Qi and called a car to go to Ellies to ask her to help see if there was anything wrong with this gown.

When they arrived, Ellie seemed to have just finished serving the previous guest and was packing up the gowns on the shelf.

“Youve been very busy recently!” Lin Yun couldnt help but sigh.

“I still have to thank a certain young lady for promoting my place a few times.

Now, all the young ladies have come to my place to customize their gowns,” Ellie said as she sat on the sofa.

“At least four or five young ladies came to my place to order custom-made gowns.”

“However, the Zheng familys banquet this time is really a little tense.

Im under too much pressure and cant take on so much work.

Ive wasted so many opportunities to earn money!”

Ellie snorted, clearly holding a grudge against the Zheng family.

Lin Yun smiled and said, “Then you cant reject my business!”

Ellie looked up at Lin Yun and blinked.

“Of course.

Were friends!”

“But I cant have your gown sent over until tomorrow.

Are you here today for it”

Lin Yun handed the gift box to Ellie.

Ellie opened the gift box and couldnt help but exclaim, “Miss Lin Yun, youre good! Youve received one gift after another!”

Lin Yun curled her lips and said, “Help me see if theres anything wrong with this gown.”

“Problem” Ellie was instantly confused.

She picked up the gown and looked at it again before saying, “Theres nothing wrong with this gown.

Its just that this style seems to be a little similar to the gown you brought over last time…”

Ellie looked at the gown for a moment before saying, “Its not similar.

This is almost a fake!”

“Look at the design here.” Ellie pointed to the part at the waist of the gown.

“Theres a knot design style exclusive to Lee, but this gown isnt her work.”

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment before she suddenly realized what the problem was.

The gown that Lu Chen had given her was Lees design at the time of the design.

The copyright was clear.

However, the set Lin Yu gave her was a fake.

If it werent for a professional like Ellie, no one would have noticed any issues with it.

If she wore such a fake dress to the cocktail party, she might be singled out by the person Lin Yu arranged.

At that time, Lin Yu and the others would probably take the opportunity to mock her identity as the fake daughter.

Even if she said that this gown was given by Lin Yu, Lin Yu could say that she had just returned to the Lin family and didnt know anything about these brand designers, regardless of the guests would buy Lin Yuns story.

It was probably a good opportunity for Lin Yu to act pitiful!

Lin Yun didnt expect Lin Yus thoughts to be so deep.

It was far more terrifying than what she had encountered in her previous life.

It seemed that in her previous life, she was too naive to make Lin Yu reveal her true self!

Lin Yun couldnt help but shake her head and smile bitterly.

She probably really didnt understand Lin Yu well enough!

Ellie looked at Lin Yun who was smiling bitterly and shaking her head.

She couldnt help but frown.

“Who gave you this gown This kind of plagiarism is a big taboo in the industry!”

Lin Yun smiled and said, “Its not the first time shes done this!”


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