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The next morning, Lin Yun had just had breakfast when Ellies assistant sent the gown over according to the address.

Assistant Jiang Meng had been with Ellie for a few years and was familiar with Lin Yun.

She entered and handed the gown to Lin Yun.

She couldnt help but sigh.

“Miss Lin, why did you move to such a place!”

If someone else had said this, Lin Yun would more or less suspect that the other party was deliberately mocking her.

However, to the innocent Jiang Meng, she was really just lamenting that Lin Yun lived far away and was difficult to find…

Lin Yun asked Aunt Xu to prepare a large drink for Jiang Meng.

Only then did this girl, who was frowning and looking resentful, return to her original cheerful and straightforward appearance.

“Your adoptive parents are too much! How can they throw you out of the door like this!” Jiang Meng, who had regained her vitality, immediately went all out.

“I only heard that they brought their biological daughter over with great fanfare, but I didnt expect them to chase you out! This is too much!”

The more Jiang Meng spoke, the angrier she became.

Her face turned red.

Lin Yun looked at her and felt much better.

Although leaving the Lin family was Lin Yuns greatest hope and the current living environment made her feel comfortable, she was still quite happy to hear that someone was standing up for her.

Jiang Meng nagged for a long time before Lin Yun finally took the opportunity to ask, “Dont you have to work today”

Jiang Meng waved her hand and took a sip of her drink.

“Sister Ellie told me to follow you today.”

“She said that we have to prevent the bad guys from setting any traps for you.

Ill work on your makeup today.”

Lin Yun blinked and looked at Jiang Meng.


Although Jiang Meng was not a famous stylist yet, Jiang Meng was almost always involved in the image design work that Ellie took on.

Moreover, Jiang Mengs creativity and ability were praised by Ellie.

Seeing that Ellie was willing to leave such a treasure to her, Lin Yun grinned from ear to ear.

… .

The Zheng familys banquet was not held in the Zheng familys newly bought mansion.

Instead, they chose the largest hotel in Haicheng, the Lihuang Hotel.

Lin Yun did not go to the hotel with the Lin family.

Instead, she chose to go with Wang Qi.

Because Cheng Tong had greatly affected Old Master Wangs mood, Old Master Wang did not ask Wang Qi to have any male companions.

The two girls happened to be together and dressed up beautifully.

They left with their assistant, Jiang Meng.

When they arrived at the entrance of Lihuang Hotel, Jiang Meng, who was in charge of driving, said to the two people behind the car, “Ladies, weve arrived at our destination today!”

Lin Yun and Wang Qi looked at each other and smiled.

They pulled up their skirts and walked towards the hotel door.

The doorman at the door respectfully took the key from Jiang Mengs hand, and the other doorman led the way for the three of them.

As soon as she walked into the hotel lobby, Lin Yun saw Jin Yan standing not far away from Lin Cheng.

They were chatting with a few big shots in the business world.

Jin Yan greeted Lin Yun without a trace of recognition.

Lin Yun nodded slightly and walked in the other direction with Wang Qi and the others.

The three of them arrived at the lounge specially prepared for female guests and found seats to sit down.

The lounge was equipped with a changing room and makeup room, allowing the female guests to adjust their clothes and makeup at any time.

Although the Zheng familys banquet was held in a hurry, it was well arranged.

Not long after Lin Yun sat down, she heard someone discussing in the distance.

“I heard that the real daughter of the Lin family is going to announce her engagement to the Zheng familys young master today.

In my opinion, it should be like this.”

“Previously, someone said that the fake daughter wanted to interfere between the two of them.

I think its wishful thinking!”

Someone at the side echoed, “Thats right! Why dont you take a look at your identity Now that your fake identity has been exposed, you should know your place and leave the Lin family obediently!”

“In my opinion, the Lin family is also loyal! I heard that that girl is now the adopted daughter of the Lin couple!”

“Sigh! I heard that the real daughter of the Lin family got into a fight at a restaurant outside not long ago! I wonder where she got the cheek to do that!”

Listening to those peoples discussions, Lin Yun did not react, but Wang Qi could not sit still.

Lin Yun shook her head at Wang Qi, indicating for her not to argue about unnecessary things.

The cocktail party was about to begin.

Before it started, she didnt want anything to affect her!

Wang Qi secretly clenched her fists.

“These gossipy women, Ill teach them a lesson later!”

Lin Yun patted Wang Qis hand and comforted her.


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