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Zheng Song hurriedly returned to the rostrum and glanced at Zheng Yu and Lin Yu.

Zheng Yus eyes were fixed on the entrance of the venue as if he was waiting anxiously for something.

Zheng Song was about to speak when Zheng Yu walked toward him and whispered, “Dad! Wait, there are still guests who havent arrived.”

Zheng Song frowned and was very dissatisfied with Zheng Yus ignorant actions.

“What are you doing!”

Zheng Song lowered his voice and warned, “Let me tell you, you have to get engaged today!”

Zheng Yu lowered his head slightly and looked in Lin Yuns direction.

He had thought about it.

If he really couldnt stop it today and he was really engaged to Lin Yu, he wouldnt give up on Lin Yun!

Lin Yun would definitely belong to him!

Lu Chen saw Zheng Yus gaze on Lin Yun.

He was brought into a private room prepared by the Zheng family for a few important guests.

The private room was on the second floor of the banquet hall.

Lu Chen, who was looking down, saw everything that happened on the first floor.

Lin Yun naturally felt Zheng Yus gaze.

Just as she was thinking about how to respond to this gaze so that Zheng Yu could give this engagement ceremony more twists and turns, she felt another stronger gaze shoot at her from above.

When Lu Chen came in just now, Lin Yun consciously hid behind Wang Qi and Lu Chen, not letting Lu Chen discover her.

She knew that after Lu Chen entered the hotel, his gaze swept across the crowd.

She could not be sure that Lu Chen was looking for her, but she did not want him to see her like this!

Lu Chen looked at Lin Yun from the second floor and narrowed his eyes.

The people around him immediately felt the anger emanating from him.

Lin Qian sat on the sofa in the private room, looking pained and helpless.

Why would Fu Heng, this unreliable fellow, arrange for him to be in a private room with this iceberg

The pressure was about to drown him!

Lin Qian, who was originally staring at Lin Yu on the stage, had planned to settle scores with her after the banquet officially began.

Now, Lin Qian couldnt even be sure if he had been frozen by the cold aura emitted by Lu Chen before that!

Lin Yun secretly shrank her neck, knowing that Lu Chen must have some objections to her not wearing the gown he had given her.

However, the gown was too eye-catching, especially the accessories.

Lin Yun did not want to be too ostentatious on this occasion.

Lu Chen did not seem to sense Lin Yuns thoughts.

His eyes were fixed on her.

In the banquet hall on the first floor, Zheng Song picked up the microphone again and was about to announce the start of Zheng Yu and Lin Yus engagement when another voice sounded at the door.


Zheng Songs expression turned ugly after being interrupted again.

At the door and two security guards were pushing and shoving two plainly dressed strangers.

The man and woman looked like a couple.

They were probably in their fifties.

When Zheng Yu saw the two of them, his eyes suddenly lit up.

When Lin Yu saw the two of them, her expression turned ugly…

Lin Yun looked at the two noisy people and immediately recognized them…

These two people were the legendary biological parents of Lin Yun, who had accused her of refusing to acknowledge her biological parents in front of everyone in her previous life!

The reason why it was said to be legendary was that these two people were not Lin Yuns real parents.

Lin Yu had deliberately arranged for them to embarrass Lin Yun!

But this time…

Lin Yun looked at Lin Yus flustered eyes.

Clearly, the appearance of these two people today was not arranged by Lin Yu!

Lin Yun recalled what Zheng Yu had told her previously…

These two people should have been found by Zheng Yu after much effort!

Lin Yu probably didnt expect that the “actors” she had arranged to trample on Lin Yun back then had become the persons who ruined her engagement ceremony!

Zheng Song looked at the two of them.

It was obvious that they were not guests invited today, so he gave the security guard a look.

The security guard immediately pulled them out.

However, the two of them were full of brute force.

They kicked and kicked the security guard like hooligans.

Lin Yun looked at their hardworking performance and couldnt help but admire Lin Yus taste.

In her previous life, she was caught off guard by the appearance of these two people and did not notice that they were quite talented at acting!

Seeing that the security guard could not control the two of them at all, Zheng Song could only say, “The two of you, today is the day of our Zheng and Lin families cocktail party.

I wonder who invited you”


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