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When the two of them heard that someone was asking them, they became even more energetic.

They suddenly pushed the security guard beside them and forced him to the side.

Under Zheng Songs signal, the security guard did not go forward and only followed behind the two of them to the podium.

Lin Yun stared at Lin Yus expression and saw that her expression had turned slightly ugly.

Zheng Yu quickly walked forward.

He was about to speak when Zheng Song stopped him.

Zheng Song asked the two of them, “Why did the two of you come to disrupt our cocktail party today Who asked you to come”

Zheng Songs tone was not polite, and his expression turned ugly.

The two of them glanced at Zheng Yu before patrolling the venue.

They didnt seem to find the person they were looking for immediately.

Then, they looked at Lin Yu for help.

Lin Yu immediately frowned and glanced in Lin Yuns direction.

The two of them seemed to have found their direction and quickly walked up to Lin Yun.

“You… Youre our daughter!”

Lin Yun looked at the woman who was pointing at her and the dark-skinned man beside her.


Wang Qi also looked at the two of them warily, as if she was planning to stand in front of Lin Yun to protect her at any time.

The two of them looked at Lin Yun and sized her up.

“Yes! Thats right! You went to look for us a few days ago!”

“It wasnt easy for our family to reunite.

You cant just abandon your biological parents!” The two of them said with tears in their eyes as if Lin Yun intended to abandon her old biological parents.

Zheng Yu watched as the two of them criticized Lin Yun while complaining to the surrounding people that her biological daughter actually despised her.

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows and asked, “Do I know you”

“You… you heartless child!” The woman cried even harder.

“Even if Mom carried the wrong child back then, youve been living a superior life all these years as a daughter of a wealthy family, right”

“How can you despise your parents like this!”

Lin Yun looked at the two of them and chuckled.

“Ive never seen you before.

How can you prove that youre my biological parents”

The two men were clearly stunned.

Zheng Yu had found them under Lin Yus guidance these two days.

They went on stage a few days earlier than expected.

The script between them and Lin Yu wasnt right, so they didnt know how to answer Lin Yuns question.

At this moment, Lin Yu said, “Could it be that Sister went to the beach a few days ago to look for… Dad and Mom”

After Lin Yus reminder, the two of them remembered the beach.

“Yes! You came to the beach a few days ago to meet us!”

“You cant deny it now!”

Lin Yun frowned slightly.

She was certain that these people did not know that she had recently found the Lin familys tavern by the sea.

Then, this beach…

Lin Yun looked at the two of them and asked, “When did you say I went to the beach”

“Its…” The womans eyes darted around, but she couldnt remember the exact date.

She could only ask the man beside her for help.

The man gritted his teeth and said, “It was last month! We cant remember the exact date!”

Lin Yun suddenly grinned.

“Was it on the 5th of last month”

Someone at the side suddenly said, “By the way! That day, my colleague seemed to have taken a photo of Miss Lin Yun… and two other people at the beach.”

Lin Yun turned to look at that person.

“Got it Do you have a photo”

But the man frowned and shook his head.


He said the news wasnt interesting, so it wasnt posted.”

Lin Yun nodded in understanding.

This person must have sold the photo to the person on the stage.

However, Lin Yun did not mind the information provided by the other party.

She said to the two fake parents, “I did go to the beach with two people that day, and I stayed for a long time!”

“Look! You admitted it too!” The fake parents immediately perked up.

Lin Yun smiled and said, “Coincidentally, we took a few photos that day, but…”

Just as everyone thought that Lin Yun could not produce any evidence, she smiled at Wang Qi beside her.

“The photos are all on my cousins phone.

If you want to see them, you can only ask her!”

Wang Qi took out her phone and took out the photo taken at the beach that day.

After showing it to the two people opposite her, she showed it to the surrounding people.

“We brought the servants to the beach, so we dont remember seeing the two of you!” Wang Qi said with a fierce gaze.


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