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The two of them didnt expect this matter to be exposed.

They looked at Lin Yu for help again.

At this moment, Zheng Yu rushed over.

Before Zheng Song could stop Zheng Yu, Zheng Yu had already rushed in front of Lin Yun and the other two.

“Uncle, Auntie, is there a misunderstanding”

“Xiao Yun is definitely not an ungrateful person, and its impossible for her to deliberately not acknowledge you even though she knows that youre her biological parents!”

“I think there must be some misunderstanding!”

Lin Yun looked at Zheng Yu in disbelief, as if she was looking at an idiot!

Even now, he still couldnt understand what was going on.

Wang Qi looked at Zheng Yu as if she wanted to pry open Zheng Yus head to see the situation inside.

However, Zheng Yu still tried his best to persuade both parties to have a good talk.

After all, he had already discussed many plans with the two elders as his future son-in-law.

Lin Yun raised her head slightly and tried her best to swallow her curses.

Lin Yu saw that Zheng Yu had already walked over.

It seemed inappropriate if she didnt go over as well.

She secretly gritted her teeth and twisted her hands together before walking toward the core of the farce.

Walking up to the “husband and wife”, Lin Yu looked aggrieved.

“Dad, Mom, Im sorry.

I was unfilial.”

“I just wanted to make up for the kinship that she had lost with her biological parents for the past ten years and ignored your feelings!”

“Sister… Sister just cant accept the situation of her original family…”

As Lin Yu spoke, she had already reached out to gently wipe the tears that were about to fall from the corners of her eyes.

To everyone present, Lin Yuns original family environment seemed very difficult.

The rumors that Lin Yu had suffered a lot since she was young were confirmed.

Lin Yun tilted her head slightly and looked at Lin Yu, not knowing why she was doing this.

Why didnt she cherish such good parents and brothers Did she hire these two fake parents just to humiliate Lin Yun

Lin Qian, who was watching everything from the private room, wished he could go down and tear those two guys who were pretending to be his parents!

He had already understood everything!

The daughter of the Lin family, who was about to get engaged today, was his younger sister, Lin Yu, who had lived with them for more than ten years and was doted on by her parents!

And not only did she not care about her parents years of upbringing, she actually hired these two ignorant people to slander her parents efforts all these years!

Lin Qian was furious about this! He was about to walk down quickly when Fu Heng and Hao Ping stopped him.

Before Hao Ping could speak, Fu Heng spoke first.

“Dont be rash! Lets see the situation below first!”

“How can I not be rash Thats my…” Lin Qian was about to say that it was related to his family when he was stopped by Lu Chen.

“Lin Yun can handle it herself.” Lu Chen calmly watched everything that happened in the middle of the field.

Although Lin Yun was put in a difficult position by the couple, insulted, and suspected by the people around her, she remained calm from beginning to end.

Lu Chen believed that she could definitely handle it herself! With Lu Chens obstruction, Lin Qian didnt dare to be rash anymore.

This time, he focused his gaze on another center of attention—Lin Yun.

If Lin Yu was really the daughter of the Lin family, then Lin Yun, whom she had met once, would be his biological sister.

Lin Qian was instantly shocked by this information.

He could not be bothered to look at the situation in the venue anymore.

After all, with Lu Chen holding the fort, he did not have to worry anymore.

Lin Qian immediately took out his phone and hid in a corner to report this shocking secret to the empress dowager!


With that persons behavior, if she knew that her biological daughter was being bullied here, she might just come over with a rocket and a cannon!

… .

In the middle of the venue, Lin Yun looked at Lin Yu crying and apologizing to her “parents”, but her lips curled up slightly.

“Are you saying that theyre my biological parents” Lin Yun looked at Lin Yu, her tone filled with mockery.

Many people around thought that Lin Yun was in this state because she despised her biological parents.

After all, Lin Yu had already admitted that these two people had raised her for the past ten years!

Lin Cheng and Wang Lan, who had been watching from the side, also walked over.


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