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When Lin Yun heard Lin Chengs words, her eyes immediately lit up.

“You mean to ask me to leave the Lin family”

Lin Cheng sighed and looked at Lin Yun helplessly.

“If you insist on not acknowledging your biological parents… I have no other choice!”

“Very good!” Lin Yun immediately clapped.

Lin Cheng frowned and looked at Lin Yun, who looked like her wish had been fulfilled.

Wang Lan saw Lin Yuns expression and felt indescribably uncomfortable.

She snorted and said, “Ive really raised you for nothing for the past ten years! How did you develop such a personality!”

Wang Lan said bitterly, but the people around her persuaded her that it was not the Lin familys fault, but Lin Yuns nature.

Lin Yun ignored the words of the surrounding people and turned to the couple.

“Ill still say the same thing.

Take evidence for everything.

Without evidence… I wont acknowledge anyone!”

Seeing that Lin Yun was still “stubborn”, the husband immediately growled angrily, “Well pretend that weve never had this daughter!”

“We wont acknowledge this child! Lets go! Take it that we came for nothing!” The man roared and pulled the woman out.

In this situation, if they were really dragged by this girl for a test, the two of them might even be charged with something.

They might as well leave while everyone was denouncing her!

The woman wanted to continue acting, but the man tugged at her arm and gestured at her with his eyes.

The woman seemed to have understood the mans intentions and immediately walked out.

“You guys didnt come for nothing! You… must acknowledge this!” A voice sounded at the entrance of the venue, immediately stopping the couple in their tracks.

Everyone followed the voice.

Some people frowned and wondered who it was, but some had already recognized the person.

“Isnt Musens Lin Han!” Someone exclaimed.

Wang Qi stared straight at Lin Han, trying her best not to scream.


Unexpectedly, they still saw each other at the cocktail party!

Wang Qi subconsciously tidied her gown and looked at Lin Han with a smile.

Lin Han pretended not to see Wang Qi and walked past her towards the couple.

The couple looked at the person and frowned.

“Who… who are you”

Lin Han glanced at the couple and then at Lin Yu not far away.

“Tell me, who am I”

Lin Yu tried her best to suppress her urge to escape, but she subconsciously took two steps back.

Wang Lan also noticed that something was wrong with Lin Yu.

She held Lin Yus hand tightly.

“Dont be afraid, Mom is here!”

Lin Yu pursed her lips and swallowed hard, but she didnt know how to face this man.

The man took another step forward and looked at Lin Yun.

“Are you the fake daughter of the Lin family”

Lin Yun looked at Lin Han and found him familiar.

She looked at Wang Qis infatuated expression and asked, “Are you… Senior Lin Han”

Lin Han raised his eyebrows.


Lin Yun glanced at Wang Qi and said, “Youre Wang Qis Senior Lin Han, right”

Lin Han finally reacted and burst out laughing.In such a tense environment, he could still smile!

Lin Qian stood in the private room and looked at everything below.

He couldnt help but give his big brother a thumbs up.

Fu Heng said sarcastically, “Your brother is much more reliable than you!”

Lin Qian snorted unhappily.

“Without me, would he know to rush here!”


Lu Chen quietly watched Lin Hans act of “saving the damsel in distress” and immediately felt that Lin Han was an eyesore.

Lin Han looked at Lin Yun and smiled.

“So you look like Mom.”

Lin Yun frowned at Lin Han, not understanding what he meant.

“Hello, Im your big brother, Lin Han!” Lin Han introduced himself again.

“Big Brother” It was Lin Yuns turn to be stunned.

She never expected that the Senior Lin Han that Wang Qi was secretly in love with was actually her own brother.

How many secrets did her original family have

During Lin Yuns state of shock, Lin Yu was so flustered that she wanted to shake off Wang Lans hand and escape.

Lin Han did not give her a chance.

“Xiaoyu, are these our parents”

“Oh, no, are these the people who raised you” Lin Hans tone was calm, but it gave people a sense of dignity.

Lin Yu stood rooted to the ground and could only stammer, “No, no…”


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