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“You didnt teach your daughter well Are you saying that my daughter was led astray by you” Pei Man glanced at Lin Yun and questioned Lin Cheng angrily.

“I only saw her being surrounded and questioned by a group of people.

All of you were indiscriminately criticizing her!”

“All of them are famous people in Sea City! I think theyre just so-so!”

The more Pei Man spoke, the angrier she became.

Tears welled up in her eyes.

When Lin Ting saw this, his heart ached.

His wife had always been arrogant and optimistic.

Now, her heart really ached for her daughter, so she had such a reaction!

Lin Cheng didnt know how to respond to Pei Mans questioning.

When Wang Lan saw her husband suffer, she immediately walked over with her chest puffed out.

“Why are you so unreasonable!”

“If Lin Yun hadnt refused to acknowledge that couple obediently, this wouldnt have happened!”

Seeing Wang Lans attitude, Pei Man sniffed and wiped the tears that were about to fall.

She swallowed them back.

“Youre such a joke! You can go around the world to acknowledge your parents, but my daughter wont!” Pei Man said as she reached out to Lin Yun.

She was a little nervous, afraid that Lin Yun would not respond to her.

She was also afraid that Lin Yun would really blame them for not knowing about her existence all these years!

Lin Yun looked at Pei Mans hand.

Although she hesitated for a moment, she still reached out to hold Pei Mans hand.

Pei Mans confidence instantly rose.

Although she was dressed simply, her aura was not inferior to Wang Lans.

Pei Man raised her chin slightly and looked at Wang Lan, who was nearly half a head shorter than her.

“Since the two of you know that you brought up the wrong daughter, why didnt you let anyone contact us”

“Are you just going to let us be kept in the dark and let our biological daughter be bullied by you”

As Pei Man spoke, she looked at Lin Yu, who had been exposed again because of Wang Lans departure.

“And you, Xiaoyu…” As Pei Man spoke, she felt aggrieved again.

“All these years, Dad and Mom have tried their best to satisfy you!”

“As long as you like it, Ill give it to you!” Pei Man said and shook her head weakly.

“I thought you were just being heartless, but I didnt expect you to look down on our family”

“Is that so” Pei Man said with a bitter smile.

“Just now, when I saw you and this Mrs Lin looking like a mother and daughter, I realized that its not that youve been indifferent all these years, but that you dont care to address me as your mother.”

Pei Man felt a force on her hand as if giving her courage.

She turned to look at Lin Yun, only to see her looking at her with bright eyes.

Pei Man smiled.

Yes! So what if she lost that daughter She had a better one!

Pei Man looked at Lin Yu again.

“I dont know when you found out that were not biological mother and daughter, but I think you should at least have told us!”

“Do you know how worried Mom and Dad were after you ran away from home!” Pei Man asked with a slight heartache.

“Your brothers have been looking for you!”

“And you…” Pei Man suddenly chuckled.” And you became the daughter of the Lin family! ”

Hearing Pei Mans accusation, Wang Lan was furious.

“Thats not right!”

“Our Lin family has never hidden the fact that Xiaoyu has been recognized!” Wang Lan said righteously.

“She didnt hide it” Pei Man snorted softly.

“Then why didnt she ever call us or go home to take a look”

“Until now, we didnt even know what was going on!”

Hearing Pei Mans words, the surrounding crowd fell silent.

The daughter she had doted on since she was young was suddenly not her biological daughter.

No mother would be able to accept it!

This woman did not look like she was in the business circle of Sea City.

If she was just an ordinary family and did not gossip about such news, it was not surprising that she did not know about the real daughter of the Lin family.

In that case, Lin Yu, who had never contacted her original family, had become the core of the mistake.

Lin Yu instantly felt the center of the storm return to her.

She frowned slightly.

It was impossible not to speak!

She thought for a moment before taking two steps forward to Pei Man.


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