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“Mom, I didnt run away from home, nor did I not want to contact you.” Lin Yu tried her best to sound aggrieved and sobbing.

“All of this happened too suddenly.

I havent completely reacted until now,” Lin Yu said as she glanced in the direction of Wang Lan and Lin Cheng.

“Dad and Mom suddenly recognized me.

When I returned to the Lin family, I couldnt adapt for a long time, so I was late in telling you that I was safe.”

“Its indeed my fault! If you want to punish me, punish me!”

Lin Yu spoke sincerely as if she was the only one who had been wronged.

When Wang Lan heard Lin Yus words, her heart ached.

“What did you do wrong!”

She pulled Lin Yu back to her side.

Wang Lan said arrogantly to Pei Man, “How did we carry the wrong child back then We still have the right to pursue the matter!”

When Pei Man heard this, she exploded.

“What do you mean Could it be that we deliberately swapped the two children”

“If thats the case, would I treat your daughter well with all my heart and let you bully my daughter so unscrupulously”

“Besides, how did you realize that you brought up the wrong daughter We were in the dark the whole time!”

Hearing Pei Mans words, Wang Lan sneered.

“The heavens have eyes!”

“At that time, Lin Yun was injured and hospitalized.

She needed a blood transfusion for emergency treatment.

Only then did we realize that her blood type was completely different from ours!” Wang Lan glanced at Lin Yun with undisguised disdain.

Since they had already reached this point, there was no need for her to pretend to be a kind mother.

“If it werent for that, we wouldnt have known that our daughter had been swapped!”

“We had to look for a few detective agencies before we finally found Xiaoyu!”

“After suffering for so many years, were finally here!” Wang Lan said as she patted Lin Yus arm.

When Pei Man heard Wang Lans words, she immediately grasped the main point.

“Xiao Yun was injured”

She turned to look at Lin Yun beside her.

“How are you Is it serious Is it better now”

Lin Yun looked at Pei Mans worried gaze and her heart skipped a beat.

She smiled faintly and nodded.

“Everythings fine now.”

When Pei Man heard this, her eyes couldnt help but turn red.

“Im sorry.

Mom didnt know about these things and made you suffer so much!”

“Dont worry, Mommy will bring you home! I wont let anyone bully you again!”

With that, Pei Man pulled Lin Yun out.

At this moment, Lin Cheng said, “Madam Lin, wait!”

Pei Man turned around angrily and glared at Lin Cheng.

“What else do you want My daughter was injured, but you only cared about finding your own daughter! What else do you want!”

Although the truth was exposed, Lin Cheng still smiled faintly.

“Madam Lin, youve misunderstood.”

“After all, our Lin family has raised Xiao Yun for so many years.

We definitely have feelings for her.”

“Besides, we didnt completely disregard Xiao Yun being injured.”

“I think the two of you…” Lin Cheng paused for a moment and looked at Lin Ting and Pei Man, but he frowned slightly.

He did not hide his suspicion of the Lin familys situation and was even worried that Lin Yun would lead a miserable life after they took her away.

Lin Cheng said again, “Xiao Yun might be able to obtain better resources in our Lin family.

Madam Lin, why do you insist on taking her away”

Pei Man gritted her teeth and asked, “Perhaps my memory isnt good.

Who joined forces with outsiders to bully Xiao Yun just now”

“For Xiao Yuns sake” Pei Man snorted.

“Theres no need for me to see it!”

“We will take good care of our daughter! You dont have to worry!”

“Even if you think your biological daughter is more important, how could you chase away your adopted daughter whom youve raised for more than ten years…”

“Then just as you said, my daughter, Lin Yun, has nothing to do with your Lin family anymore!”

After saying that, Pei Man pulled Lin Yun out.

Lin Ting looked at Lin Cheng and Wang Lan and nodded slightly without saying anything.

Lin Hans gaze swept across Lin Yu before he sneered and turned to leave.

Lin Yu watched Lin Tings family leave with a trembling face filled with suppressed anger…

“Lin Yun… Its all your fault! You ruined my engagement!”


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