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“Do you really think they want to use the retirement community to earn money” Lin Qian snorted.

“Theyre just planning to move to the retirement community when the residents here are old.”

“They dont expect the community to face outsiders! Theyre so stingy!” Lin Qian said and didnt forget to complain.

Pei Man looked at her son provocatively.

“Why Do you have a problem with that Im spending my own money.

Its none of your business!”

“Yes, yes, yes! Youre the best! If Old Master didnt spoil you…” As Lin Qian spoke, he was warned by Lin Tings gaze and immediately fell silent.

Lin Yun could tell.

Although Lin Ting didnt say much, his status in the family was the most authoritative.

As for this couple, Pei Man seemed to be in charge of speaking to the outside world and provoking them, while Lin Ting provided backing and strength.

Lin Yun suddenly felt a little amused by such a couple.

Pei Man looked at Lin Yuns smiling face and smiled.

“In short, tell Dad and Mom what you like.

And your two useless brothers…”

Hearing Pei Mans words, Lin Han and Lin Qian could only agree to be called “useless brothers” despite their reluctance.

Lin Han seemed to have thought of something and took out a key from his pocket.

“I was in a hurry and only had time to buy a small car for you.”

Lin Yun looked at the small fork shape on the key and couldnt help but grin.

“This… Theres no need.”

Lin Han stuffed the key into Lin Yuns hand.

“Dont mind it.

This is the one I can mention today!”

“Ill order a suitable one for you tomorrow.”

Lin Yun opened her mouth, but she really couldnt call him “Big Brother”.

Although she had once chased after a boy who was a few years older than her and called him “brother” affectionately,

However, Wang Lan did not allow her to do that!

She had even taught her a lesson because of this.

Soon after, she lost her “brother.”

Lin Yun recalled the past and her expression instantly became a little sad.

Seeing this, Lin Han was a little surprised and panicked.

“Its fine if you dont like this car.

Ill get someone to prepare something else!”

Lin Yun quickly looked at Lin Han and shook her head.

“No! Its not because of this car…”

“I… Thank you, Big Brother…” Although it was difficult, Lin Yun finally called out.

Lin Han chuckled when he heard that Lin Yun was finally willing to call him brother.

When Lin Qian heard Lin Yun call Lin Han, he leaned forward and said, “Come, call me Second Brother.”

Lin Han looked at Lin Qian in disdain.

“Dont you know how to prepare a gift for your sister”

Lin Qian scratched his head and took out a small square box from beside him in embarrassment.

“I dont have any gifts to give at the moment.”

“I just asked someone to bring it back from an old master.

If you dont mind, Ill give it to you!”

Lin Yun was about to refuse when she saw Pei Mans expectant gaze and Lin Qians nervous expression.

She thought for a moment, then took the small box.

She opened the small box and took a look.

Inside was a small jade carving, about seven centimeters square.

At first, Lin Yun didnt think there was anything special about it, but she glanced at a small stone sign beside the jade statue.

On it was the word “Qian”.

“This is… Elder Qians work” Lin Yun blinked and looked at Lin Qian.

Lin Qian nodded and said, “Do you know Elder Qian too”

Lin Yun was stunned.

After a while, she said, “There shouldnt be many people who dont know Elder Qian!”

“Hes a famous jade carving master both domestically and abroad.

Back then, hisSpring Silkworm was auctioned for 550 million overseas, but that work seems to only be five centimeters square” Lin Yun revealed everything she knew.

Lin Qians eyes lit up.

“You really know Old Qian! I thought girls nowadays were like Xiaoyu, who only know how to chase idols and celebrities!”

Hearing Lin Qians disdainful words, Lin Yun couldnt help but smile bitterly.

“Yes… I used to follow my… former father to participate in the auction of rich old works.”

“After admiring his work live, I sincerely admire his skills!”

The smile on Lin Qians face deepened.

“I also like his work very much.

I only got this thing after much persuasion!”


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