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The texture that melted in her mouth was accompanied by a slightly sweet taste.

Lin Yun couldnt tell what was inside, but it made her feel that it was both delicate and sweet.

It was not the sweet smell of ordinary snacks, but a refreshing feeling.

Lin Yun blinked at the snack and then looked at Lin Han.

Lin Qian hurriedly went forward and explained, “Is the taste very unique This is what I meant by spending a lot of effort!”

“The ingredients for this snack were researched by Big Brother himself.

He used some herbs.

Its said that eating more of it is beneficial to the body!”

As Lin Qian spoke, he looked proud.

Pei Man glared at Lin Qian.

“Your brother even knows to prepare snacks for his sister.

What did you prepare”

Lin Qian was stunned for a moment.

His eyes darted around before he said, “Ill send my sister to school!”

When Lin Yun heard this, she almost spat out the snack in her mouth.

These words sounded strange coming from Lin Qians mouth.

Lin Han rolled his eyes at Lin Qian and said, “You only know how to play tricks.”

Lin Qian ignored him and looked straight at Lin Yun.

“Xiao Yun, are you going to school later Ill send you there!”

Lin Yun was about to say no when she thought about it.

It would be a waste not to get a ride from Lin Qian.

After enjoying a carefully prepared breakfast, Lin Yun bade farewell to Lin Ting and Pei Man for the time being.

She still had a lot to organize.

She couldnt just return to this house.

… .

“Second Brother, send me to this address,” Lin Yun said as she handed her current address to Lin Qian.

Lin Qian glanced at the address and frowned.

“This place is so remote.

Why are you here”

Lin Yun smiled.

“Im staying here now.”

“What” Lin Qian immediately raised his voice.

“That Lin couple is too much! They actually chased you out”

“Hurry up and pack your things.

Ill bring you home today!” Lin Qian said anxiously.

The smile on Lin Yuns face did not fade.

“I asked to stay there.

Its quiet and comfortable.”

Lin Qian seemed to realize the meaning behind Lin Yuns words, but he was still dissatisfied with Lin Yun living in such a remote place.

Lin Yun smiled at Hao Ping, who was trying to look back while driving and said, “My sister and Aunt Xu, who takes good care of me, are still there.

Second Brother, dont worry.”

Although Lin Qian was unwilling, he could only give up for the time being when he heard Lin Yuns words.

He had to go and see the situation before going home to discuss it with his parents.

… .

Lin Yun had left a message for Wang Qi, saying that she wanted to stay at her biological parents house for a night.

However, Wang Qi was still a little worried and did not sleep well the entire night.

When Lin Yun returned, Wang Qi was sitting on the sofa in the living room, preparing to call her.

Aunt Xu stood at the side, her face filled with worry.

Seeing that Lin Yun had returned unscathed, Wang Qi and Aunt Xu quickly walked towards Lin Yun.

Wang Qi grabbed Lin Yuns hand with both hands and sized her up.

“Are you alright”

Lin Yun smiled and said, “Didnt I tell you not to worry!”

“Thats my biological parents home.

They wont treat me badly!”

“Thats true, but we dont know them.

What if… what if they…” Wang Qi didnt dare to tell Lin Yun about the messy situation she had been thinking about all night, so she could only swallow her words.

Lin Yun knew that Wang Qi was really worried about her.

She reached out and hugged Wang Qi tightly.

She patted Wang Qis back comfortingly.

“Dont worry! Theyre very good to me!”

Lin Yun let go of Wang Qi and hugged Aunt Xu gently.

“Aunt Xu, Ive made you worry.”

Aunt Xu sighed softly and hugged Lin Yun gently.

“Its good that youre back.”

Aunt Xu was about to say something when two people walked in behind Lin Yun.

She froze and blinked at him.

Only then did Lin Yun remember that Lin Qian was worried about her and insisted on following her in to see the situation.

Lin Yun quickly let go of Aunt Xu and introduced them.

Wang Qi looked at Lin Qian suspiciously and frowned slightly.

“You said that hes Senior Lin Hans biological brother”

Lin Yun looked at Lin Qian and then at Wang Qis disbelieving face.

“That should be the case.”

Wang Qi pulled Lin Yun aside and whispered, “Why do they look so different”


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