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Lin Yun turned around and glanced at Lin Qians puzzled face.

Then, she curled her lips and smiled.

“One of them looks like Dad, and the other looks like Mom.”

Wang Qi recalled the couple she met yesterday and nodded.

“That seems to be the case.”

“This person looks too feminine.

From the looks of it, he looks more like you! Hes not as handsome as Senior Lin Han!” Wang Qi said with a proud expression.

Lin Qian seemed to have heard Wang Qis words and his good-looking eyebrows furrowed.

Seeing this, Lin Yun and Wang Qi stuck out their tongues, looking like they had been caught doing something bad.

Lin Yun invited Lin Qian in to take a look and roughly explained her current situation to Lin Qian.

Although Lin Qian didnt agree with Lin Yun continuing to live in this remote place, he promised Lin Yun that he would help her explain the situation to her parents.

Lin Yun and Lin Qian were chatting when an argument suddenly came from the door.

Lin Yun and Lin Qian looked at the door together and saw Butler Lin arguing with Aunt Xu and Wang Qi at the door.

Seeing this, Lin Yun quickly walked over.

“What happened”

When Butler Lin saw Lin Yun, he said anxiously, “Miss Lin Yun, quickly go home and take a look! The house is in chaos because of you!”

When Wang Qi heard this, she was even angrier.

“What do you mean because of Xiao Yun! Who exactly caused this to happen!”

“Butler Lin, who taught you to criticize Xiao Yuns actions I can sue you for slander!”

Hearing Wang Qi speak up for Lin Yun, Lin Qians impression of Wang Qi finally changed slightly.

Butler Lin didnt know how to respond to Wang Qi.

This cousin had been unreasonable since she was young.

These servants had been bullied by her many times!

Butler Lin was hesitating when an old lady beside him said, “Miss Cousin, were just here to bring Miss Lin Yun home.

You dont have to be so aggressive.”

“Am I aggressive” Wang Qi immediately sneered.

“Youve already forced me to our doorstep, yet you still say that Im aggressive!”

The old lady was about to speak when she was stopped by another woman.

“Miss, youve misunderstood.

What we mean is to invite Miss Lin Yun to go back with us and discuss how to deal with the situation.”

“After all, if this happens, it wont be good for Miss Lin Yuns reputation!”

This old lady thought that her words were flawless, so Wang Qi could not find any reason to reject her.

Wang Qi placed her hands on her hips and scolded, “What nonsense are you talking about! Ever since the matter of the real and fake daughter was exposed, when have you ever cared about Xiaoyuns reputation!”

“Her current reputation has been ruined by you guys!”

“Now you still has the cheek to come to the house and say that its not good for her reputation! What a joke!”

Wang Qi fired a series of shots, making Butler Lin and the other two unable to refute.

Lin Qian stood at the back and couldnt help but reach out to applaud Wang Qi.

Lin Yun felt much better when she heard Wang Qis words.

However, what had to be faced had to be faced.

If she didnt go today, Lin Cheng would still think of other ways to get her back.

She might as well resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Lin Yun greeted Lin Qian and Wang Qi and instructed Aunt Xu to prepare lunch for her before following Butler Lin and the others.

Lin Yuns intentions were obvious.

She wouldnt be eating at the Lin familys house and would be back soon so that Aunt Xu and the others could rest assured.

Lin Qian originally planned to take a look at Lin Yuns residence and persuade her to go home together.

Now that such a thing had happened, he could only stay at Lin Yuns house for a while.

After all, he was also an idle person now.

… .

Lin Yun had just entered with Butler Lin when she heard Lin Chengs roar.

Butler Lin couldnt help but shrink his neck and lead Lin Yun towards the center of the storm.

Lin Yun was no stranger to such roars.

In her previous life, she had thought that Lin Cheng was as gentle and loving as he was to the outside world.

When she found out Lin Chengs true colors and provoked him with Lin Yus terrible things in this life, Lin Cheng seemed to have completely given up on maintaining a good image in front of them.

Especially after Old Master Wang also cleaned up the Wang familys assets, Lin Chengs temper became even worse.

Originally, everyone believed that they were a loving couple.

Now, their lives had become a mess.


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