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Thinking of her entanglement with Lu Chen in her previous life, Lin Yun sighed heavily again.

She had to stay away from Lu Chen in this life!

Lin Yun gave herself another order!

Lin Yun was about to start her mission when Pei Man called.

Lin Yun knew that Lin Qian had probably told Pei Man about her situation.

Pei Man naturally called because she was worried about her.

Lin Yun picked up the phone.

Before she could speak, she heard Pei Mans anxious voice.

“Xiao Yun, come to your school quickly!”

Lin Yun heard Pei Mans anxious voice on the phone and didnt know what had happened.

She quickly asked, “What happened What happened to our school”

“Aiya, stop asking! Just come quickly!” Pei Man urged again.

Lin Yun hesitated for a moment before saying, “Im a little far from school.

Wang Qi drove out.

I might take a long time to get there.”

When Pei Man heard this, she immediately said, “Send me the address.

Your father and I will pick you up!”

Lin Yun was a little helpless, but she still obediently told Pei Man her address.

About twenty minutes later, Lin Ting drove to Lin Yuns residence.

As soon as Pei Man saw that the house was far away and there was almost no one around, she immediately pulled Lin Yun away.

Lin Yun only held Pei Mans hand and said, “Mom, although this place is a little remote, its quiet and comfortable to live in.”

Pei Man snorted and said, “The Lin family actually treated my daughter like this! To think you actually want to speak up for them!”

“Hubby, what do you think we should do about this!” Pei Man said as she turned to look at Lin Ting fiercely.

Lin Ting remained silent.

At this moment, he said, “Bring Xiao Yun home.”

Lin Yun knew that they really felt sorry for her.

Although she did not intend to stay in this house for long, it was more convenient for her to do things now.

It was a good choice.

No matter which home she returned to, there were too many people at home.

The secret she needed to hide would inevitably be discovered.

She had also asked Blackie to carefully set up the network lines and surveillance equipment here.

It would probably be inconvenient to move elsewhere.

Lin Yun was about to refuse when Pei Man held her hand and said, “I know you wont be used to living with us now.”

“Thats why your father and I specially went to look for a new place today.

We planned to buy it for you.

I wanted to ask you to take a look.”

As Pei Man spoke, she looked at Lin Ting.

“I think its better to have everything! Well stay there today!”

Lin Yun looked at Pei Man in disbelief.

Did this couple have some special fetish for real estate

Yesterday, she said that she wanted to build a house for Lin Yun by the sea.

Today, she wanted to buy a new house for her.

How was this the poor fisherman family that Lin Yu mentioned

Just as Pei Man was about to pull Lin Yun to see the new house, Lin Yun finally reacted.

She quickly grabbed Pei Man and shook her head.

“Mom, you dont have to buy me a house! Its really good for me to stay here for the time being!”

“Ill need to go to school too…” Lin Yun was about to say something when Pei Man stopped her.

“That new place is near your school.

Its very convenient for you to go to school!” Pei Man said proudly.

Lin Yun looked at Pei Man in shock.

“Our school A house near Lian University”

Pei Man nodded with a smile.

“Yes! Its just that there are too few houses to choose from.

Your father and I looked at a few before we finally shortlisted two or three.”

“I just want you to take a look yourself.

Lets buy the one you like the most!”

“Seeing that you live in such a place, we must settle that house today!”

Pei Man said it firmly, so Lin Ting had no objections.

Lin Yun was stunned, but Pei Man pulled her out.

Aunt Xu watched as Lin Yun was pulled away by Pei Man.

She wanted to say something, but she held back.

Lin Ting turned around and glanced at Aunt Xu.

He nodded at her and left the Lin familys residence behind his wife and daughter.

Along the way, Pei Man held Lin Yuns hand and excitedly introduced the houses they had just seen.

Pei Man rambled on about how comfortable those houses were.

There were all kinds of decorations inside, and each house had its own theme.

Lin Yun, who was still in shock, did not notice how satisfactory the houses Pei Man mentioned was.


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