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Lin Cheng looked at the few simple apples on the fruit platter, and his expression became a little ugly.

“Xiao Yun is recuperating now and needs nutrition.

Are you giving her these”

Aunt Xu looked at Lin Yun, feeling wronged.

Lin Yun smiled and said, “I like apples…”

Lin Cheng snorted, then continued to instruct Aunt Xu, “Im busy with work.

You take good care of Miss, understand”

Until Lin Cheng left, Aunt Xu was still in a daze.

Lin Yun reached out to grab an apple from the plate in Aunt Xus hand and stuffed it into her mouth.

Only then did Aunt Xu snap out of her daze.

“Did the Old Master just say Missy Is that right, Missy” Auntie Xu looked at Lin Yun and confirmed again.

Lin Yun shrugged and chewed her apple.

“Whatever! Its just a title!”

Aunt Xu didnt think so.

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The fact that the Old Master could personally admit that Lin Yun was the eldest daughter meant that he had stabilized Lin Yuns position in the family.

Although Aunt Xu was unhappy with the change in Wang Lan and Lin Cheng after Lin Yu came back, with Lin Chengs words, Lin Yun would no longer be bullied in the Lin family!

The more Aunt Xu thought about it, the happier she became.

She placed the plate on the table beside Lin Yun.

“Missy, Ill buy you some fruits!”


Lin Yun reached out to stop the excited Aunt Xu, but she only had time to sigh at her back.

After Aunt Xu left, Lin Yun sat on the bed and thought about the change in Lin Chengs attitude today.


Obviously, Lu Chens words affected Lin Cheng.

Lin Yun didnt know why Lu Chen told Lin Cheng about their relationship.

Could it be that he knew of her situation and wanted to help With Lu Chens words, Lin Yun would have a better life in the Lin family!

However, apart from visiting Lu Chen, Lin Cheng had another purpose today.

Recalling the conversation between Lin Cheng and herself, Lin Yuns face instantly darkened.

“Xiao Yun, have you gotten used to being hospitalized recently If you need anything, just tell Aunt Xu!” Lin Cheng looked at the environment in the treatment room and didnt say much.

Lin Yun nodded and gave Lin Cheng a gentle smile.

“Dad, everything is fine here.

Dont worry!”

“For the time being, you should recuperate well here.

Dad will think of a way to help you settle the school matters!”

Lin Yuns expression changed slightly upon hearing this.

In her previous life, when Lin Yun was injured, Lin Cheng sent Lin Yu to the Han Nan Academy where Lin Yun was studying.

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Because of Lin Yus enrollment, Lin Yun was ostracized by others in the school.

Because of Lin Yus appearance, Lin Yun became the fake heiress.

All her previous grades had become fleeting.

At the same time, Lin Yu had taken over all of Lin Yuns spots and indicators, occupying the honor that belonged to her.

This time, Lin Yun would never allow such a thing to happen again!

“Dad, theres nothing going on at school for the time being.

Ive contacted my mentor.

If theres anything, shell contact me.”

Hearing Lin Yuns words, although Lin Cheng was unhappy in his heart, he forcefully swallowed the words he was about to say.

“Then… Do you have any plans for the future”

“For the future” Lin Yun seemed puzzled.

Now that she was still in the hospital, wasnt it a little too early to talk to her

However, Lin Yun wasnt as naive as she was in her previous life.

She naturally knew why Lin Cheng brought this up to her.

The “newly crowned Masked King” competition that allowed Lin Yu to become a top celebrity in her previous life was taking place next month.

Lin Yu was able to stand out in the competition because of Lin Yuns efforts behind the scenes!

Lin Cheng came to look for her because he knew that Lin Yu wanted to register for the competition!

However, Lin Yus own conditions were not great.

Lin Cheng had no choice but to pave the way for his own daughter!

“Recently, the new grand champion competition organized by Le Hu Entertainment is currently being registered.

Dad knows that you like music.”

“But look at your current state.

Im afraid you wont be able to participate in this competition!”

“Little Yu, she…” Lin Cheng said, seemingly hesitating for a moment.

However, he gritted his teeth and continued, “Xiaoyu is also interested in this competition, so…”

Lin Yun slightly lowered her eyebrows and didnt look at Lin Cheng.

Lin Cheng thought that Lin Yun was dissatisfied and was hesitating whether to continue when Lin Yun raised her head again.

“I understand, Dad.”

“Im destined to miss this competition.

Ill do my best to help Xiao Yu win!”


Hearing Lin Yuns words, Lin Cheng instantly smiled.

His smile was so sincere that Lin Yun unconsciously clenched her fists.


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