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“Mom, lets go.

I dont like the houses here.

Im not buying it.” Lin Yun looked at Pei Man sincerely and told her her thoughts.

It was not only because the houses here were too expensive.

More importantly, she did not want to be neighbors with someone like Fan Qian!

Before Pei Man could say anything, Fan Qian laughed out loud.

Lin Yuns words sounded like a joke to Fan Qian.

“You dont like it” Fan Qian laughed until tears almost flowed out.

“Do you know how expensive the houses here are Do you know how many people are vying for the houses here”

“You still came here to be picky.

Do you really think that your poor parents can buy you a house here”

“Or are you planning to go back and cheat your adoptive parents of some money” Fan Qian seemed to have thought of something.

“Ah! I heard that you showed your face at the cocktail party a few days ago!”

“Why Do you think your sister and adoptive parents arent ruthless enough”

Hearing Fan Qians accusation, Pei Man immediately glared at Fan Qian angrily.

She was about to speak when the manager of Spring Rain Pavilion heard the argument outside.

He looked at Fan Qian, then at Lin Ting, his wife, and Lin Yun.

“What happened Is there anything I can do for you”

When Fan Qian saw the administrator, she immediately walked over.

“These irrelevant people are blocking the way.

Get someone to chase them away!”

“To think anyone can come to the Spring Rain Pavilion to behave atrociously!”

The administrator looked at Fan Qian and then at Lin Ting and his wife.

He had seen this couple before.

They had their eyes on the most expensive suite in Spring Rain Pavilion that had yet to be sold.

This was a big client of the Spring Rain Pavilion!

Although there was no deal yet, he could not afford to offend them!

The other person was also the owner of an apartment at Spring Rain Pavilion.

This was also someone he wanted to serve and could not offend.

All of a sudden, the administrator was stumped.

Pei Man looked at the administrators conflicted expression and immediately turned to look at Lin Ting.

Lin Ting only nodded at Pei Man.

Pei Man immediately smiled.

She turned to the administrator and said, “The suite we took a fancy to today has everything.

This is it!”

“Lets go! Lets sign the contract!” Pei Man said and pulled Lin Yun away.

Lin Yun didnt know what to do.

The current situation was no different from Pei Mans impulsive actions.

It was really not worth it to spend a lot of money to buy a property just because she was angry with an unimportant Fan Qian!

Before Lin Yun could stop her, the administrator had already led the way for Lin Ting and his wife.

“Everyone, this way please!”

When Fan Qian saw that Lin Yuns parents really wanted to buy a house in the Spring Rain Pavilion, she naturally did not believe them.

She snorted and said, “I want to see which property you bought!”

“If we really become neighbors, Ill get my father to change my residence immediately!”

When the administrator heard Fan Qians words, he replied without thinking, “Miss Fan, dont worry.

These two have their eyes on the biggest suite on the top floor.”

“Theres only one suite on the top floor.

There are no neighbors.”

Hearing the administrators words, Fan Qian almost vomited blood.

Lin Yun wanted to laugh, but she was too embarrassed to.

She could only purse her lips and let Pei Man pull her in.

Fan Qian lost interest in following them.

Lin Yun also had the chance to persuade her biological parents not to be rash.

However, before Lin Yun could speak, Lin Ting spoke first.

“Xiao Yun, this is your mothers kind intention.

Dont make her sad.”

When Lin Ting said this, Lin Yun didnt know what to do.

She could express her feelings any way she wanted.

There was no hurry!

Moreover, her intentions were too great!

Lin Yun watched as her mother happily signed the house purchase contract.

When she swiped the bank card she had taken from her father, her eyes lit up.

Lin Yun could tell that her father was not doing this just to make her happy.

More importantly, he was looking at her mothers smiling face.

Looking at Pei Mans happy face, Lin Ting smiled dotingly.

Lin Yun couldnt help but sigh.

She finally understood why Lin Qian complained that her father didnt care about their children at all!

Fortunately, her mother still had her in her eyes…


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